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  1. sb 54 cal.

    Down & Dirty Powder Horn

    yes really nice
  2. sb 54 cal.

    Hello from St.Louis, Missouri

    Another welcome from Stl area.
  3. sb 54 cal.

    No Such Rifle !

    I like it. Really nice.
  4. sb 54 cal.

    Thoughts on smooth bore rifle.

    I use a .54 smooth rifle hunt small game, turkey, deer and anything else. Keep my ranges close and have had sucess with everything I've hunted.
  5. sb 54 cal.

    12 Ga Pedersoli shotgun and the Sky Chief Turkey load

    Use his load with my 54 smooth rifle that I jug choked have taken 3 birds with it so far. Try less powder it should tighten up your skychief load.
  6. sb 54 cal.


    Was Quail hunting when I was a kid (Looooooooooong time ago) hunting with my dad came across a feral cat I didn't shoot it when the dogs went on point and the birds flushed the one I shot that darn cat ran in and got it before I could get to it. Everthings got to eat :ghostly:
  7. sb 54 cal.


    Hey Britt maybe the fox would like your rabbit 😉
  8. sb 54 cal.


    no, coning the first couple of inches will remove most of the rifling
  9. sb 54 cal.

    Picked up a Jackie Brown Canoe Gun Today

    Very nice, have been looking for another lefty myself.
  10. sb 54 cal.

    Bear Hunt

    Wishing you good 🤞
  11. sb 54 cal.

    Successful Speed Goat Season!

    nice trophy and nice rifle. congrats
  12. sb 54 cal.

    Traditions Ramrod questions

    Built traditions long rifle kit used brass pin to hold spring just moved it forward a few inches.
  13. sb 54 cal.

    Fort Ti; a 1953 movie about Rogers' Rangers

    Seen it twice now. Sure beats what passes for entertainment now.
  14. sb 54 cal.

    40 cal. power,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Were you using 3f or 2f? Used 60 gr. 2f for a nice hog inside 25 yds scrambled is brain.