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    New member from Montana

    Ah ! got ya !
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    New member from Montana

    Howdy from the Piney woods of East Texas. Where you at in N. central MT ? Lived in Shelby 15yr 82-97
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    New from Houston, TX area

    Howdy from the Piney woods area up on the Sabine !
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    in regards to patch findings, if you have a friend with you have them watch for the patch s it leaves barrel. its gotta be out there in front somewhere.
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    Howdy from Texas!

    and howdy from East Texas too !
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    New member from Australia

    #2 Texas Howdy here !
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    A little bonjour from Normandy-France

    Howdy from the Pine woods of Texas !
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    Muzzleloader shooting distance

    A friend of mine , while living up in N Central Montana, decide to have a turkey shoot one year out on his farm land. It was going to be 200 yd, off hand, any firearm and all you had to do was break the balloon. He and I had been doing postal postal matches and such for while and he was...
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    Texzas #3 howdy to you too
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    Kowa scope a-peel.........

    Ive had a few different items of varying value with a type of rubberized outer surface develop the "sticky" texture. Ive just excepted the fact of the humid climate Im in , East Texas. Even stored inside Ive found these items (with a few years age) doing this. I think it is just the quality of...
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    Manufacturers Of .58 Caliber Minie Sizers

    Dixie GW sells them 3 sizes it looks like
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    SOLD Navy Arms Buffalo Hunter **SPF**

    Yes please compare ! My observation of seeing them was just a sporterized "Z" also. I also wonder if anyone ever did a side by side comparison of Buffalo hunter and the and the H&R Springfield stalker in same caliber (and maybe the H&R HUNTSMAN hunter too)
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    Looks like #24 and $34 are the best answers here.
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    storing black powder in powder horn and/or flask

    Dearstalkert, Id like to know more about that can ! 30 year ago would just be 1991. I dont recall Hercules making , selling BP , doesnt mean they didnt just never saw it ! Been shooting BP since early 70s and only saw dupont/GOEX and the other smaller suppliers. Interesting !
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    Sargent York - 1941

    Here is an interesting photo taken out of the "The Muzzle loading Rifle, then and now: by Walter Cline, 1942. Plate 50 has a group photo of a some shooters at a match along with Mr York himself ! He is in center of the group. Cline mentions about him attending some "shoots" going on back then !