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    New member from STL

    Welcome!! I’m 90 miles away!
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    WARNING: A too good deal is probably a too good deal if from a stranger.

    COMMON SENSE!!!!! If you are offered a $1500 gun for $300, it’s a scam, period. Like when my wife wanted a teacup Yorkie . She lost $700 to a scammer. These are $2000 dogs at least. Would she listen to me? NO!!! 😡 finally made her visit a AKA breeder to set her straight…..
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    Pepper boxes were a very useful short range weapon if you could not afford a colt.
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    Help for old eyes

    Best to find an optometrist that shoots. And won’t freak out over firearms in their office.
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    Unknown Flintlock Pistol - Help needed!

    They make fun decorations, and costume additions, but aren’t worth much.
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    Leather wads for smoothbore

    did they catch fire?😇
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    Black walnuts

    Top, that is …
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    Black walnuts

    That too squirrel picture looks like me when I overdose on chocolate and pass out…
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    Curious about copper

    I made a ring for a girl I was sweet on in 9th grade shop out of copper. Stained her finger. She hated me after that…..😕
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    Original Johann Springer Match Pistols

    I’d quit wearing the rubber gloves. You need the history of the gun to ooze onto your skin, and absorb it.
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    Husqvarna Gun

    I have owned a husqvarna chainsaw, 22, and shotgun. All worked well….
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    Black walnuts

    Seriously, I hated walnut time….
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    Black walnuts

    After we were done walking home from school uphill both ways, we had to hull walnuts WITH OUR TEETH. Our mouths were stained so bad, people thought we were vampires. Come to think of it , we were vampires. Dad would come out of his coffin, and whip us until he was too tired, then we had to whip...
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    Danger of rapid firing?

    I would not chance it.
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    Hunting gun

    People tend to forget after the civil war there were a LOT of veterans who only had one arm left. I think a few long barrel pistols were made for them. Also good for carry in the buggy, not taking up much room.