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    Pietta "Ivory" Grips

    Had one I put dark walnut stain on and then wiped it off. With use it has settled down from a light yellow color to a pleasing cream patina.
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    .31 caliber

    No one makes them this pretty any more--Uberti imported by Allen Firearms, Santa Fe New Mexico, 1985. Silver plated trigger guard and backstrap, charcoal blue. It has been fired a lot over the years but I have kept it clean and oiled so it retains most of the original finish.
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    Any recommendations for 1756 Heavy Dragoon flintlock replica’s?

    I bought a brass barrel Ketland pistol from Middlesex Village Trading Company and had good luck with it.
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    The Superstition Of Gifting A Knife, Is It Real?

    I never heard of this tradition until my Uncle gave me a knife and said I should give him a penny. Assuming the idea came from his Dad, my grandfather, who was born in 1899, I purchased an old Indian head penny and gave it to him.
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    Cap and ball revolver firing bird shot

    I was surprised to find this beautiful little Uberti Pocket Navy from the Doctor's collection at October Country is smooth bore! It has all the Colt markings and a letter of permission from Colt. It would do well with shot loads, but I can't bring myself to shoot it because it is absolutely...
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    Colt Navy Pistol

    That is a Palmetto kit gun from the Dixie Gun Works in the 1980s. This is a picture of mine that looks exactly the same. The serial numbers are on my Colt pocket model manufactured in1862 with 6 round cylinder while the Palmetto has 5 round cylinder like yours.
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    Hamilton Burr duel commemorative set

    I had a set of those beautiful guns temporarily before selling them. Just couldn't afford to keep them.
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    Ruger Old Army at 100 yards

    Not surprising--I get similar results at 100 meters shooting iron pigs with the Rogers and Spencer .44.
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    leather to hold the flint

    I have no problem with lead or leather though lead may give a slightly faster ignition.
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    Prettiest Cap and Ball

    The prettiest gun to me is usually the one at hand. This Uberti Navy just happened to be close.
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    Trying to Identify this 1860 Army.

    I am not aware of any recent production of stainless steel 1860 Army revolvers. I have several from older production and the frames are usually magnetic and cold blue has no effect on them. My guess is either yours missed the case color bath or the color was removed by someone.
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    1851 Navy Cylinder Gap

    That cylinder gap is excessive in my opinion and also the reason all my cap and ball revolvers are steel frame. I do think the brass alloy used these days is stronger than it used to be back in the 1960s, but if I want to shoot mousy loads I have steel frame pocket models for that. My suggestion...
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    This article tells how to avoid chain fire and how he found no evidence of originating from the nipples. I decided to try his experiment myself. I have pinched loose caps for over 50 years with no chain fire, so I tried leaving the caps off of...