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    Short Starter

    Thank You I shall do that.I am in Alberta
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    Short Starter

    No to both questions,I am in Canada there is no hobby lobby up here...
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    Short Starter

    I need someone to make me a short starter, with a reasonably flat top so I can give it a wack with the side of my fist, I would make it myself but I don't have any tools...Duane
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    welcome back, from Alberta...
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    Knives in Colonial America

    How about the plane old butcher knife, with pinned handles with 6 to 8-inch blades, thousands of those were imported from Britain They were the most common knife of the fur trade...D
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    Howdy from Utah!

    Welcome from Alberta
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    Welcome from Alberta,Canada
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    opinion needed, best all around muzzleloader!

    the best one is the one you shoot the best...
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    New English shooter

    Welcome from Alberta Canada
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    Some Fire Steels

    my bright oval from the museum of the fur trade,I have had it for about one year...D
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    Some Fire Steels

    I have a bright oval from the museum of the fur trade, it has no markings on it, but it sparks very well, it must just be case hardened, but it looks like it has been punched out of a plate of steel...D
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    how to remove "Tru-oil/ tung oil" coating?

    I would use paint remover and a Scotch-Brite pad...D
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    New member from Ontario, Canada.

    welcome from Alberta
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    Long time listener, First time caller

    Welcome from Alberta, Canada...