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    A Holster For A Plains Pistol

    I also have an October Country holster. It is definately soft and floppy but it works fine for me. I think it's better than a belt hook and it protects the pistol. If you want to wear it all day, eveyday you might want something with thicker leather. I use mine for trail walks and showing...
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    Tee pee rings

    A really scenic and easy to reach ring is at the Wagonhound rest area on I-80 between Rawlins and Laramie. It's on a rise looking down on a pretty valley.
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    DUAL-caliber early matchlock!

    And it's even rifled!! That's a really good trick making that spiraled insert on period equipment. It looks like there may have been a rear sight just forward of the lock. I would like to see the inside of that lock, also. Somone was an amazing gunsmith.
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    old ironsides

    A small sand bag over the barrel will do wonders for the backflip.
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    T/C Help

    Is the barrel smooth and polished? The early ones were rough machined and needed to be draw filed to smooth them. Mine was that way.
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    Strengthen a main spring..

    The Gun Works in Oregon lists new CVA mainsprings for $7.90 Phone: (541) 741-4118
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    High tech nipple cleaner

    They also work well to slosh cleaning fluid of your choice back and forth through a patent breech.
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    finish quality of revolver cylinder

    Maybe just stick a drill bit in there and countersink the big burrs off?? Do it by hand of course.
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    CVA Derringer Trigger Guard

    Try calling the Gun Works in Oregon. They have a lot of stuff that's not in the catalog. (541) 741-4118
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    WANTED Rendevouz/Mountain Man Clothing Needed

    It would be great if you could attend some rondys in your area and see what people are doing. In my area, most people and clubs are pretty low key. They don't really care what you wear and you won't get any static about your apparel. If you want to go all out frontiersman or walk around in...
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    Early 1500s Snapping Matchlock carbine

    Did the match go out or stay lit after firing? And what is your match made of if you don't mind. Thanks
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    Home made cap residue

    It is a nice write up but I didn't do it. I think I got it from the cast bullits forum.
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    Home made cap residue

    That didn't work. Maybe this will.
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    Home made cap residue

    Yes, just one. I'll try to send a pdf of the whole process. file:///home/chronos/u-eadf3e4c0674ca3fc7d9cf542d910834868ea0d0/MyFiles/Downloads/Guide%20to%20making%20percussion%20caps2.pdf
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    Home made cap residue

    Mine do not. I charge the cap with a very small amount of black and then insert the roll cap punch out disk with the black button facing the powder. The discharge of the main charge pushes everything out of the nipple. I fired about 20 shots this week and the only failure to fire was due to a...