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    Butt plate identification

    The engraved one is some private gun shotgun perhaps, The plain one looks very Brown Bess Government musket . Interesting side light on the Farriers trade in terms of date the Bess seems to be' India pattern' Napolionic period ' the other is any ones guess Regards Rudyard
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    Places to get a matchlock?

    " When out of a night that was 40 below came dangerous Dan Magraw ! " A bit of Robert Service a sort of' frozen 'Kipling '. Coldest I ever knew I shot a rifle was up at Mackenzie BC it was my Sunday off wasn't going to waste it , went out in a mates car to a gravel pit he kept the engine...
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    English Sporting Rifle by Harvey

    I used to buy real rust streak's of old Stan Share of Ardentiny 3 quid + minus, one so bad you can't desern the name stocked it up deep three grouve affair 1 in 30 " pitch simple thin P51 type ladder sight but bore prouve good It beat A Gibbs Metford at 500 yards & took the 300...
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    Hunter Harassment

    Only one view not surprisingly, Be a dead ringer to win a Nobbily knees contest ! . Rudyard
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    Curlys .72 caliber north west trade gun

    Re the illustrious Curls .He told me all his barrels where Shaw Barrels & they came in all bores He milled the oct & added the Circle Fox if often just into the milled lines so you couldn't get that out .unlike if it was dressed smooth first it would have been free of the lines . I...
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    Hunter Harassment

    A trifle belated but my youngest Daughter steered me through this photo caper. Top shews typical Bower' camp as I called these very Sywash lean too's I was tryng to get my Assistant Mister Banjo Beagle Esq in the pic but he was camera shy . The middle pic is the old miners hut & me with...
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    FOR SALE Whitney Norwester Capote

    "I am a Whitney blanket " "Original & best" Youl'e never get cold feet with me around your chest" A poem by Pam Ayres who lived in Whitney and Earlies asked her to write something ,So she did . If she said they never replied ! No doubting the quality though , I worked in Whitney in...
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    inherited a mystery

    fair guess i reckon its a' Dane gun' African cobble up but thats anyone's guess .good conversation piece anyway . Regards Rudyard
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    FOR SALE Very Fine Contemporary Baker Rifle

    My guess it's got up later for the Carlist Wars & box added had one sans box it depended on what sort of troops it suited or what the order Wheeler got. Cheers Rudyard
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    What are y’all’s thoughts on my baker?

    Thankyou I do try to give fair assessments and been around this stuff a long time so I don't mind helping .Regards Rudyard
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    FOR SALE Very Fine Contemporary Baker Rifle

    Dear Murph That makes sense his rifle is right enough just not the high fashion 95 th sort but looks good value at a grand. Was I right about the dates . Regards Rudyard
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    What are y’all’s thoughts on my baker?

    I have corresponded with the seller its got all the right features & bears Birmingham proof post 1814 & Wheeler inside the genuine lock only the box is unusual but many where sold sans tool box & it may well be added later ditto the B net bar removed these are likley commericals to the...
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    FOR SALE Very Fine Contemporary Baker Rifle

    Ime not sure the sight is correct but the Portuguese marking on the lock suggest perhaps made up for the Carlist wars involving Portugal . Normally the Baker had a rounded end by the tool box lid but some went out by Wheeler that had no boxes'. So I suggest you carefully remove the...
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    Spanish Escopeta

    Very interesting summation if I got a bit lost in the reading of it . I am very fond of the Patilla lock in all its many varients European, African & Asiatic .Thank you & Regards Rudyard