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    What did you do today

    I certainly don't want that. I guess I better get on it. Thanks for the heads up. 😥
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    What did you do today

    I was referring to the bridge that the British took on the eve of D-day. Is that one and the same? I've never seen a bridge to far.
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    What did you do today

    Not just Americans. When the British took that bridge and disabled the explosives was some special forces stuff.
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    What did you do today

    I watched the movie the longest day over a couple of evenings. I had me one of those crickets the paratroopers used for identification when I was a kid back in the 50's. Forgot all about that.
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    Amusing/Ridiculous Muzzleloading Misconceptions...

    I was shooting my T/C caplock a while back and I noticed a young fella maybe 10 yrs. Watching me. I asked his father if it was ok for the boy take a shot. That youngster thought that was the coolest thing. I later heard his father tell him that it was the kind of gun used in the Revolutionary war.
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    SOLD Rifle Shoppe British Baker Rifle .62 Caliber

    Very nice! I recently watched Cap and Ball use a similar rifle on his channel to take a Hungarian Roe deer. I believe he said it was a Baker.
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    Squirrel Season 2020

    To me closing the distance on your intended target, to get as close as you can is the best part of the hunt. But to take it with a side arm like that is awesome.
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    Hello from Missouri!

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    It has come to my attention

    I thumb thru this forum while I'm at work. Some of the guys call me lazy but I tell them no i just have alot of good reading to do. Priorities! Welcome from Michigan
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    Historically Incorrect, or (A Story of Thread Counting and Delrin Rods)

    Many a men wore there Civil war uniforms or parts parts of them for years after the war.
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    Historically Incorrect, or (A Story of Thread Counting and Delrin Rods)

    Ha! That's a good one. I'd like to see that myself.
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    Last weekend meat hunt

    That looks like some shining times!
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    Smokin bushytails

    That's a great source. I have several of his books. Great photographer also.
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    Hello from south central PA!

    Welcome from Michigan
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    Smokin bushytails

    Plenty of squirrels where I hunt but I only take a couple at a time. The rest of the time is spent just enjoying being there.