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    New Coykendall rifle.

    Very nice. I can't wait to see more pictures of it.
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    SOLD ARMI SAN PAOLO 1861 Enfield Musketoon, .577 Cal.

    What is the twist rate on those? Thanks
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    Nice collection !
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    rifled or smoothbore barrel

    Like others have said it depends on what you are wanting to shoot and at what distances that will be. They are both a hoot to shoot and fine tune the loads. I have even used my 50 cal rifle for hunting rabbits with a 25 grain load of 2f followed by 20 to 25 grains of malto meal to raise the...
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    Cool rabbits.

    Nice hunt. What caliber and load did you use?
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    New to me Parker Hale musketoon.

    Nice find. What is the twist rate on that.
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    Load for an 18th Century Jaeger Rifle

    I have used malto meal as a filler when shooting a light rabbit load with my 50 cal. It removes the air space from the breech plug to the ball. It's 25 grains of 2f and 25 grains of malto meal. Works great at rabbits. I have also used malto meal to raise the volume up so that the ball sits in...
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    Home made square shot

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    Home made square shot

    We're the air gun pellets all over the place when shot or did they group fairly well?
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    .50 cal round Ball

    I like the 54 but for deer a 50 works fine as well.
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    SOLD Half stock fowler

    Do you have a picture of the bore?
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    28ga, .58 cal. Smooth rifle.

    It depends on the inner diameter of your barrel. It could be a .54 caliber smooth bore or larger.
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    28ga, .58 cal. Smooth rifle.

    Thank you
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    28ga, .58 cal. Smooth rifle.

    Thanks I will look for it.