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    I hunt the same 2 old farms every year now and have local spots pretty well figured out. But one thing I did back when I started with this acreage was find a couple low spots (bottom, swamp, etc) where there's always bound to be a drainage ditch / little creek winding through that low area...
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    Is it not cricket to have a Craftsman toolbox as a shooter's

    Exactly...but people will be sheep. And some of those same people with those sheep like attitudes are phonies / hypocrites...not uncommon to see posts about them having modern coolers / ice chests at their camps hidden inside something made to look like it came across a prairie in a covered...
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    CA and the whole "lead ban"

    And the price for a bag of 20 back in 2012:
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    CA and the whole "lead ban"

    A couple other photos from that year's project:
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    CA and the whole "lead ban"

    Another very important fact about the precision brass balls from this Manufacture is that they were extremely precise...tolerance variation was virtually non-existent. In addition, after recovering them from a trap box full of shredded rubber, there was zero change in dimensions on any axis, and...
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    CA and the whole "lead ban"

    Correct...sounds like routine keyboard hunter theory.
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    CA and the whole "lead ban"

    I only researched a couple companies that made precision balls, but that's what I recall as well...but my interest was finding a suitable size for big game hunting such as deer, etc, and the one that jumped out was the .5625" diameter for use in my .58cal. However, I had mentioned back then that...
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    CA and the whole "lead ban"

    I researched, acquired, range tested, then took deer with solid brass balls in my .58cal a few years ago. Deadly accurate, worked perfectly, meets the requirement of having less than 1% lead in its make up, etc. Posted all the info + manufacturing info here for some CA citizen to coordinate...
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    Is it not cricket to have a Craftsman toolbox as a shooter's

    Right...all these similar looking so-called "wooden range boxes" are no more pc than my plastic MTM Case Guard boxes are.
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    Is it not cricket to have a Craftsman toolbox as a shooter's

    Ignore them...personally, I couldn't care less what other people think of how I approach my hobbies. Some other examples of "PC gear" I use at the range:
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    Bison caliber and loads

    :thumbsup: Would also be interesting to know who / what the total number of posters is in this thread who have ever taken a Bison with a traditional ML :wink:
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    TVM Custom build

    Agree...I never cease to be amazed at the public smear campaigns launched over such circumstances.
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    T/C Flint Old Style

    This might help
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    How much longer til deer season ?????

    Can't shoot these guys...too much like pets...this just a minute ago: