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    Pyrodex “P” High Pressure Cylinder Over Rotation…..

    I’m wondering if the flash channel through your nipples are too large. It’s a part of why Colt shooters replace the nipples from what I’ve gleaned, that it also ejects spent caps into the lock work.
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    Ruger Field Carry

    I also have a similar rig as yours:
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    Ruger Field Carry

    Just so you know (I have ToTW nipples on mine too) they’re sized for the standard, non magnum version of CCI #11 caps, they won’t work right with the magnum version. I’ve not been able to find a tin locally to try, just the magnums so I’ve been using Rem #10’s, which have worked flawlessly as...
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    New to cap & ball revolvers

    It’s all my Pietta has been fed, though it was eventually reamed to .449” and chamfered, but it loaded .457” balls just fine.
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    how to best slug a revolver barrel?

    How would you know if you’d want/need to team your chambers if you have measured the bore?
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    how to best slug a revolver barrel?

    I use a .457” ball lubed with Ballistol. I’ve also removed the nipple and forced the ball back out to measure the chamber.
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    how to best slug a revolver barrel?

    I would guess there’s a very good reason why match shooters don’t use undersized chambers.
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    Pressure difference betwen Swiss and Goex

    I should have kept reading: “The Swiss Technical Services Association (Swiss TS/TUV) awarded the plant ISO 9001:2000 certifications in 2002.” Guessing it wasn’t made public until a year after Lyman’s 2nd Ed. I’ve chatted with a lot of Europeans, and from the way the speak Swiss has just always...
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    Pressure difference betwen Swiss and Goex

    Swiss has been around a long, long time: “The Aubonne Black Powder Mill (Swiss Black Powder Factory) was founded in 1853.” The powder just hasn’t been as popular as it’s much more expensive and mostly match shooters use it.
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    Ruger Old Army/ conical

    The modified Lee bullet is ok. I measured the Kaido 255 grn’s meplat and it’s close to .345” or about 76% meplat. BearTooth had interesting information on permanent wound channels from wider meplat bullets, which is quite interesting. My old link doesn’t work but I still had it saved so I took...
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    Oil for Ruger old army

    I like to use Ballistol since it handles any little bit of moisture anywhere, no need to use WD-40 and then remove that so I can oil it. Sometimes it’s lasted as little as 6 months and sometimes it has worked for nearly 2 years. It’s not the best long term oil, but for what it does (works nicely...
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    Ruger Old Army/ conical

    When I learned that the “common knowledge” of these and repros being no more powerful than a .38 Spl, and not humane, I noted that the chronographed numbers I saw showed that with a ~200 grn bullet 25 grns of 3F sporting grade powder would produce ~300-325 ft/lbs, or on par with a warm standard...
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    Hunting with a revolver

    That’s pretty much how I feel and with a revolver that uses 160 year old technology is still true to the spirit of traditional.
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    Loads in a original rem 1858

    I’m not a gunsmith so I’m not sure what needs to be done or what tools it might take, but now I’d like to know too. Yes, that’s what I meant by the cutout. The Remington patent for the loading lever/base pin assembly was granted in 1858 and for whatever reason why these models are called such...
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    I would think the shorter 250 grn REAL might do well if the short PA conicals did well for you, same with a ball. The ball will likely be better within 50 yds, maybe out to 75. The ball will flatten and make a more grievous wound. The REAL, unless it deforms, won’t be as devastating as the...