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    Swiss in small bores

    First pic is sighting in... first 3 shots on the left, tap the rear sight, 2 shots to the right... tap back and there you have the results in the 2nd pic. Squares are 1/4" and the dot is 1/2". Range was 25 yards.
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    Swiss in small bores

    I use 20-30 gr of Swiss fffg in my Tip Curtis .36 and .018 pillow ticking, lubed with beeswax and lamb tallow. Balls are .350 and group exceptionally well... well enough to pull the top off a squirrel head at 40 yards!
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    What do you hunt with your traditional muzzleloader?

    Coyote with a TC .50 percussion Deer with .45 flintlock Squires with .36 flintlock
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    How Long Have You Been Hunting ...

    All I have to say about that is; my kids had the opportunity to shoot before 10 years old. All 3 of them still shoot to some extent. I never forced them to shoot, but asked them if they wanted to and let them make the decision when they wanted to. My son was pulling the trigger on a single...
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    .36 Caliber Fans?

    I use a .36 for small game hunting and plinking.... I can go for 15+ shots before it gets hard to load. All depends on lube, I guess.
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    Got a question for those experienced riflemen out there

    Nothing wrong with a .45 on deer.... where legal! .440 ball and 50 gr of Swiss fffg. Good luck, shoot straight and God bless, Rodd
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    Finished Jim Chambers PA Fowler

    Thats a fine looking rig! You did very, very good!
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    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Victory over Japan
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    Squirrel Gun Questions

    It is ash...
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    Squirrel Gun Questions

    Thats the way the rifle was built... I DO like the longer barrel as my eyesight isn't what it used to be...
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    Squirrel Gun Questions

    I use a Tip Curtis .36 with a 42" barrel and 20 gr of fffg Swiss. Squirrel hunting with a flintlock is really, REALLY addictive!
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    Dutch Schoultz : A Mighty Tree Has Fallen In the Forest

    "To my fellow Missourian..." was how Dutch always started our conversations. He will surely be missed and every time I see a post in all caps, I'll think of him! ( he said he wasn't yelling, he could read all caps better!!!) Godspeed old friend!
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    quit posting flintlock pictures!!

    Kibler colonial .54
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    When it rains TC's it pours!

    Which one do you like the best??? Simple.... ALL OF THEM!
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    TC Renegade in .50 percussion. My mother got it for me Christmas after watching Jeremiah Johnson and babbling about the movie for a couple months!