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    magnetic red dot sight for muzzleloader

    I've been wondering the same thing. I have a Vortex Venom that I would like to mount using the existing holes for the rear sight. Seems like such a light weight sight with a cheap RMR type mount would stay put just fine with a single screw and a magnet.
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    Thompson Center Hawken

    I bought my first TC Hawken a year ago January and paid $130. I just couldn't resist.
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    Your best deal acquiring a muzzleloader, either trade or purchase

    I was browsing through a LGS a year ago and came across a TC Hawken for $130. It went home with me.
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    I preparation for the day I dry ball one

    Went to the range yesterday, only difference was .015 patches lubed with mink oil. Far less fouling and no problems.
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    I preparation for the day I dry ball one

    Well, it's new to me. In fact, it is all new to me. I'm still working my way through my first 100 balls. What is the solution to this fouling ring problem I seem to be having? I was swabbing between every shot, removing a great deal of fouling in the process.
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    I preparation for the day I dry ball one

    I am wet patching between shots. Lots of fouling caked on the patch. I ordered some new dry patches and some mink oil, hopefully that will help.
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    I preparation for the day I dry ball one

    I've never "dryballed" but I have on occasion had a ball get stuck on the way down. Still not sure why this is happening but it is. Anyway, had it happen again the other day, even broke my ramrod trying to force it. When I got home I tried a couple different ball pullers that I had and couldn't...
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    What to do when you're tall?

    I am not much shorter than the OP and can relate to this topic. What I have found (mainly with shotgun stocks) is that the need for increased length of pull is more to put my cheek in the correct spot on the comb rather than a need for a longer trigger reach. In order to line up open sights on...
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    Price question

    Not sure how Renegades compare to Hawkins but I recently purchased two 50 cal Hawkens. Paid $130 for one, $325 for the other.
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    On measuring inner bore.

    When I wanted to measure cylinder throats on my revolvers, rather than ordering a whole set I ordered the individual pins in the calibers I was interested in. Usually three pins per caliber is sufficient if you have a good idea of your starting point.
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    Increasing LOP

    I've been wondering the same thing about my T/C Hawken. I could use a little extra length on the stock. I thought about a recoil pad but I'm not sure how to do that and not have it look ridiculous. And yes, I am more Orangutan than Munchkin, size does matter.
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    Gun stand from junk

    That looks great! Very well thought out and functional.
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    Question on seeeing down the barrel

    I drop a chrome flat head bolt down the bore then shine a light down. The bolt is like a mirror reflecting back at you.
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    SOLD .50 TC Hawken for sale

    I'll take it. PM sent