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    Colt Cochise Dragoon

    Very nice What are the grips made of?
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    Aftermarket cones for revolvers that will fit CCI #11 caps

    Just received 12 nipples from SliXprings, LLC and they take a #11cap. owner is Patrick Reagan. Had the nipples in a wk.
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    What;s this rifle worth?

    Thanks deermanct, for the info. That's what I had in mind. There are two of them, one in all SS, the other is more traditional with blue barrel and iron hardware.
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    What;s this rifle worth?

    It has very nice wood stock and recoil pad. SS lock, barrel, set triggers and trigger guard. Never shot.
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    What;s this rifle worth?

    I am looking at a Cabelas .54 cal. percussion with a 20" octagon barrel all SS, NIB. What is a fair price for it?
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    Another Stupid Human Trick.....

    Never launched one, but have dried ball several times, always at shoots. Nice bunch of guys. Not to much kidding.
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    the smell of Black in the morning!

    I am one of the lucky ones, have always cleaned my rifles in the house. If nice out, then on the back deck, otherwise on the kitchen table. My bride of 54 yrs just stays away.
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    New Ohio Member - Flintlock

    Welcome from Marysville, OH Bikes and guns,great combo.
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    How Long Have You Been Hunting ...

    Thanks Marshhawk We're hanging.
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    How Long Have You Been Hunting ...

    Started carrying a 22lr single shot Winchester when I was 10 yrs old, so about 65 yrs for me. May have one more season of deer hunting in me, not sure.
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from Marysville, OH
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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from Marysville, OH RJ
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    FOR SALE TC, 45 Hawken

    Front sight? How long is the barrel?