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    Warm water and dish soap?

    I find a good cigar, a small glass of wine or scotch and some quiet mellow music with some solitude time or with good shooting friend doing the same with me works well. 😉 Oh yes cleaning. I always start off with removing the nipple if it’s PC and soak it and breaking it down, removing the...
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    Black powder shortage

    I want to still enjoy shooting. Yes looking into that also. Been doing my homework on BP the last few months on it, and may start trying it myself. Nothing to raise eyebrows, just to cover what I would need.
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    Black powder shortage

    Well the scalpers are out. Was at my “go to” gun and ammo store who usually have dirt cheap prices competing with mail order bulk ammo. Bought a bunch of modern ammo, and asked them if the have any black powder. Sure they have Goex 2ff. I asked how much........$60 bucks a pound!!!! I asked...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Being a Black Powder New-B, today I tried testing out my T/C Replica Hawkins .45 cal Flintlock for my very first time shooting a Flintlock. From reading past posts about the do's and don'ts I figured it was time on trying her out. I only had 2F BP and figured not loading a ball this time yet...
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    Poll: Will the closing of Goex dissuade you from buying a Flintlock?

    Not I said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw. That’s a huge NO!! If I can’t buy it I’ll learn to make it.
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    Help for old eyes

    Yup had issues when shooting mostly the handguns and a few long guns. Picked up 2 slightly tinted bi-focals for 1.5 reading at Walmart. They do have stronger ones (Cheap) Takes a bit time getting use to them, but I can now focus on the rear sites now. Also on front site I sometimes put a dab of...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Thank you. Did some searching around, obtained info from this terrific site 👍. The serial number, 10,5XX has a K in front. Read it’s a kit gun from the “K” designation in front of the number & built most likely in mid late 70’s. Can’t wait to try it out.
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    Barrel serial number question

    Great info, just acquired T/C Hawken .45 Caliber Flintlock, looking forward on shooting it. Curious on when it was built. I would say its in really nice condition with no nics, scratches or cracks. The bore scope shows very good rifling no rust. Serial number K105#7. I have no history on...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I have a double header here. And a bit of paying for it forward. Yesterday at my friends indoor range (let’s me shoot my BP stuff 👍) my friend’s Uncle has this repro of the 1800s pocket Percussion cap pistol. This was made in Spain he bought it used back in the 70’s never shot it seemed to...
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    New member from Australia

    Welcome from New York State!!! You’ll find a home on this site, loads of knowledge and great people.
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    I have a stuck bullet

    Great video, slow and easy to follow with common sense, PEREFCT! Only part that I wouldn't do is cleaning the barrel out in the kitchen. Actually my wife would sit back seathing and wait for me to re-assemble my rifle and then promptly shoot me with it lololol All kidding aside great video!!!!!
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    Part? Need a spare bolt....

    Maybe on this site?
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I love my Trapdoor too!!! :) Thumbs up to your son!! Wasnt sure about mentioning it being this is a Muzzle Loading site;)
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    What ignited my interest in shooting muzzleloading ? Well it was inevitable as I have been collecting original US issued war time rifles (no wall hangers) for some time now. Late 2018 I stumbled on a .410 round ball black powder musket in a thrift store for like 60 bucks. It had a nice...
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Sorry for your loss