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    Need Help Identifying Rifle/Maker

    Congratulations. Excellent find. Nice looking rifle.
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    Spanish Miquelet Lock - New Addition

    Hi Sam Looking forward to what you come up with. Rick
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    Matchlock on the range and safety

    LOL!!!! Found it on E--- Website I believe. Paid almost nothing for it. All hand made. You can find little quart size buckets at Home Depot or Lowe's. But I thought this one looked better next to the Indian Torador matchlock. Think these were maybe used for a potted plant or something (?)...
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    Matchlock on the range and safety

    Just for grins, here's the little bucket I used with the Indian Torador musket to keep the burning match in. Thought it looked good next to the gun at the bench. LOL Rick
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    Matchlock on the range and safety

    Rifleman's suggestion is probably a good idea. especially with a few youngsters around. What I have done in the past is to load at the loading bench behind the firing line as you mention. On the bench AT the firing line, I would leave a small, metal, dry quart size empty bucket. I would use...
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    Rehabilitating a 200-year-old Jaeger Rifle

    Wonderful job of restoration. She now has a new life.
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    what have I got

    WOW!! What a great find. Once in a great while you hit a home run. Reminds me of a (now retired) co-worker asking if he could bring me an old gun to look at to see if I could I.D. it. Of course I was thinking he would bring me an old outside hammer shotgun or a cut down civil war musket and...
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    The decline of .45 caliber ML single shot pistols and rifles....

    I seem to recall the first DGW Kentucky style rifle from the 1960's (and maybe earlier) was in .40 caliber. Then later on the same gun was changed to .45 caliber. Then the later (then) Tennessee style rifle went from .45 to .50 caliber. It seemed that the Hawken craze in the 1970's started the...
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    Real or Replica?

    As mentioned here by others, it's a tourist item. Never made to fire (and please don't try). Decoration only. These were/are made for the tourist trade in various Middle Eastern locations: Afghanistan, Morocco, Turkey, etc. Many hundreds have been made. The heavy weight is likely due to...
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    Old pistols

    Hi Toot I paid around $350 for the Belgium pistol, and around $300 for the converted EIC pistol, both in firing condition. But that was YEARS ago, LOL. Today, those Belgium pistols, if in good condition seem to be going for $600-700. Rick
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    Old pistols

    LOL !!!! Good one Zonie. The so called "captured" ramrod was another method during the same period to assist in loading and preclude the loss of the ramrod. Rick
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    New member from Missouri

    Welcome from the St. Louis County area.
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    Old pistols

    Hi Highwall Spence is correct in his description. These Belgium made horse pistols were made by the thousands and shipped all over Europe. They were made very robust, and many are still in shooting condition today. They were made primarily for cavalry use, thus the lanyard ring on the butt...
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    Spanish Miquelet Lock - New Addition

    Hi Dale Thanks for the photos. So, it appears that you too work the rear of the spring with the vise grips. Interesting. Never would have thought of this. Hmmm Interesting you mention flints. There is historical evidence that the quality of flint mined in the Middle Eastern and...
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    Guns of Tipu Sultan.

    Hi Richard Thanks for that info. I did not know this. I knew that the flint quality in the Middle Eastern regions was considered sub-par to the English black and French amber. But the lack of flint mines altogether, that makes sense. And even with all the British influence, they were not...