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    Pistol identification

    Hi Birty I'm pretty sure you have what most collectors call an Ottoman Kubur (horse) pistol. It was likely made at one of the many gun making centers in the Balkans from imported parts from Europe. Probably anywhere in the first half of the 19th Century. It could have also been entirely made...
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    Flintlock made in India

    Today, while not really practical for everyday shooting, they rate very high on the fun to shoot scale. Especially with the right load of 00 shot. Mostly a 7-yard gun with no accuracy past about 15-yards with shot. Definitely a short range weapon for which it was intended. But, as said, they...
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    Wheellock news on the internet

    Hi Fourbore Here is the Link. They sure make things easier. They fit right in the jaws without alteration. Just cut to desired length. A couple sticks would last a long time. Rick
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    The biggest problem I've encountered is locating the correct size boxes for the longer barrel guns we tend to use. I have found that telescoping boxes work well. And, obviously, it allows you to customize the overall length as needed. Reinforced single wall or double wall works best. But the...
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    Making a 1770s British Rifled Officer's Fusil

    Incredible workmanship Dave. Just stunning. Rick
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    None of the shippers like LONG packages. Single wall boxes don't work very well for shipping long guns, unless maybe it's used with LOTS of bubble wrap. As mentioned above, the ends take the worst beating. Foam rubber works well on the ends. I ship barrels in 1 1/2" PVC pipe with the barrels...
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    Weapons of The Barbary War?

    Hi TNGhost Thanks for the invitation to join your Thread ref Ottoman guns during this period. For weapons in general (guns, blades, armour, etc.) used/produced during the Ottoman Empire, two good reference books: Islamic Weapons, Maghrib to Moghul by Anthony Tirri. And Arms of Greece and Her...
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    WOW!! I did not know this lock kit was available. Going to have to order one of those kits - and then try to find someone interested in assembling it. LOL Would be great addition to my lock collection. Thanks Belleville. Rick
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    Ottoman Guns

    Hi Cyten OK. Yes, my shishane measures 2.25" and my tufuk measures at 2.50" at the end of their butt stocks. I seen the big wall type guns at 3" plus. So it sounds like 2.50" stock should work for you. You might check around on pricing. The last stock blank I bought late last year was...
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    Ottoman Guns

    Rudyard: Forgot to mention that I like that replacement Baltic style hammer on that Siler lock. A cool idea only a few of us can appreciate. LOL I do remember those first Siler locks requiring a more special size flint. I had a gun mounted with one back in the mid-1970's. It was still the...
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    Ottoman Guns

    Thanks for the clarification Zonie.
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    Ottoman Guns

    OK !! Thanks Wulf. Be in touch soon. Rick
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    Ottoman Guns

    Hi Wulf. Sending you a PM...... Rick
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    Ottoman Guns

    Those look like nice measures. The one looks like it's been polished out. For all I know, these are still being made. LOL I've never sat down and figured out what each mark relates to how many grains of powder. I just used a black marker to mark the spot for 60, 70, grains etc. I'll have...
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    Ottoman Guns

    There is virtually no original WRITTEN information on these guns as respects loading data, ball/bullet used, patching, etc. Even most of the general information on the physical guns themselves has been determined by examination over the many decades. It's one of the reasons the study of these...