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    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    I operate on the theory that you modify the least expensive part, either in time or money. If it was me I'd bend the wedge slightly. No sense mucking about with the barrel and tenons. And I'd take Grimord's advice and capture the wedge. It's easy to do with escutcheons. On my English rifle with...
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    Pietta 1851 Navy cylinder jams

    Difference of opinion is what makes horse races. I've shot pistols in different competitions since the mid 70's and I find it useful to concentrate on the alignment of both sights to call my shots. Front is clear but I can still see the rear even if fuzzy. Everyone has their own style.
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    Pietta 1851 Navy cylinder jams

    Sights are the Colts big drawback. Who wants the rear sight dropping out of view when the hammer falls? Awful hard to call your shots when there is no rear sight to reference.
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    I've found that dabbing Ballistol on mosquito bites will take the itch away within minutes. Your mileage may vary.
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    Did they all have patchboxes?

    While perusing RCA I & II, I ran across 2 Lehigh rifles without patchboxes. Either would made a fine rifle to emulate. No.'s 58 and 59.
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    Desirable T/C Models

    I've had several over the years, got rid of all of them. The only one I thought was worthwhile was the Pa Hunter in flintlock. Got rid of the QLA barrel and replaced it with a regular T/C 1 in 66" barrel and it wasn't too bad. I used it as a loaner for my SIL. After my daughter divorced him, I...
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    Why do you want more speed? Much better to try for more accuracy.
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    Visiting just west of Philly...what to see?

    Fort Chambers Black Powder Gun's a link to its web page............
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    Visiting just west of Philly...what to see?

    If you do go back to Gettysburg, check out Lord Nelson's Gallery for some great art. Also Chambersburg has a M/L gun shop.
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    Visiting just west of Philly...what to see?

    Harrisburg has a nice Civil War museum......or a nice War Between the States museum if thats the way your stick floats.
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    Navy Arms Pietta double Barrel

    Glad I ran across this post. I bought a Pietta double about 20 years ago off a friend on the old TMMH forum. The left bridle was broken but I made a new one using a hacksaw, files, and a drill press and a piece of scrap steel . I've been meaning to make one for the right lock just in case but...
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    Good books

    While not exactly history Kenneth Roberts wrote a series of novels about American history from the FIW to War of 1812 including one, Oliver Wiswell, told from the point of a Loyalist in AWI. All very readable and entertaining.
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    Uh, oh, a newbie with a Whitworth!

    While I have a Volunteer instead of a Whitworth I found that it shoots better with a pure lead bullet instead of an alloy mix. You might also want to get a platinum lined nipple because these rifles have a tendency to burn out the flash hole readily.
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    Gun vs bow...

    Not bragging but I had shelves full of first, second, and third place trophies. At that time my wife was a Girl Scout leader so for their summer camp activities which included archery, I took off all the name plates and donated the trophies to the Scouts so that every girl had a trophy for doing...
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    Fiberglass Ram Rod for Kibler Colonial

    There are several things I'll never put down a barrel. Hydrogen peroxide, aluminum ram rod, fiberglass ramrod. I use the gun's hickory rod when hunting and have a brass range rod. The secret no one has mentioned is to keep your rod CLEAN. Any rod can be abrasive if you allow dirt and crud to...