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    Melting lead

    Ok Thanks. Then they both are Lyman’s
  2. Richard Dittman

    Melting lead

    OK thanks. I had a 1 cavity .490 round ball mold ( bought used so don’t know the brand) and the cut off seemed to be pretty close to the ball. Then I bought a Lyman 2 cavity mold and it seems like the sprue seems to be a little bigger. But not by much. I have always loaded my gun with the sprue...
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    Melting lead

    I have a question on cast round balls. Does the size of the knub from the cutoff sprew have any effect on the accuracy
  4. Richard Dittman

    September 2020 Postal Match - NMLRA COVID-19 Target

    I shot mine yesterday. Couldn’t see the outer +/-5 triangles, so just aimed in the general area. Didn’t have a good score, but will mail in in anyway.
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    New Member in MI

    Welcome aboard. Where in Michigan are you from?
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    FOR SALE 50 cal flinklock

    When you say it is accurate, how big of groups does it shoot at 25 & 50 yds. What load did you use?
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    July 2020 Postal Match - Bear Hunt

    Why wasn’t my total included. It said I shot a 42 & 33 for a score of 75 but no total was recorded?
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    July 2020 Postal Match - Bear Hunt

    I shot my targets yesterday and put in the mail today.
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    I took some metal to one of my scrap metal dealers and they had a nice sheet of soft lead. But they wouldn’t sell it to me. Said I needed some type of license.
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    WANTED Muzzleloader magazine back issues

    Are you still looking for some back issues of Muzzle Blast. I have several from 1976 thru 1980 and from 1986 thru 1990.
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    June 2020 Postal Match – 5 Bullseye

    Thanks for taking this contest over. It is a lot of fun trying to hit the various targets. I finally got out and shot my target yesterday. Not a lot to brag about, but at least I hit the paper. It will be in the mail today.
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    who all uses peeps on their percussion guns.

    Some members of the club I belong to are sticklers about using peep sights. They don’t allow them at our monthly club shoots. Say they are not period correct. Does anybody really know when peep sights started showing up on muzzleloading guns.
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    ML round ball bench postal?

    I was using my T/C Hawken 50 cal with a Green Mountain barrel. I loaded it with 60gr of goex powder, with a .018 pillow tickle patch lubed with a 6:1 mixture of ballistic mixture and a .490 round ball.
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    ML round ball bench postal?

    I finally got to shoot my target for April. My score wasn’t the best though. shot 50 yds: score is 43
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    ML round ball bench postal?

    My range is still open. The 100 yard part is under water, but I should be able to shoot the 50 yard target in the next week or two.