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    Never seen any difference in the powder. From smooth bore at 25 yards to Gibbs rifle at 500.
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    Casting round balls

    The weights are fine, you would not notice the difference in any of them. The holes, fix that, but the weights are fine.
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    First I check Graf, then others, Midway, a nice company and good folks, is the last place I would go for powder.
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    Smoothbore shooting

    .600 or .610 ball with an .015 to .018 patch should do the trick. Just make sure your mounting the gun and have the exact same sight picture.
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    Swabbing between shots

    spit in the woods, light spray of windex at the range. Don't do any stabbing. The doctors wont let me have sharp pointy objects.
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    How far would YOU shoot?

    between 50 and 60
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    Using Rem Power pistons

    Going to look in to that.
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    CLOSED looking for Thompson center big boar

    You might want to look for a big BORE. A big bore will kill a big boar easily. How big a bore do you want? Was looking at a 4 bore rifle in OKC yesterday. That big enough? A .58 will kill anything walking around in North America.
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    Dumb luck (i will never admit that) err... Great skill :P

    Went to visit my son in OKC to visit his range and do a little shooting. He shoots unmentionables and is very good out to 700 yards. I took my .62 smooth bore to shoot some clays and a few round balls. We sat down at a bench for the 200 yard gong using one of his custom unmentionables...
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    Rifle shoppe

    Paid a visit to the Rifle Shoppe yesterday. What wonderful people. I think I would pay them to let me work there. No doubt about it!
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    Golden Age of Piracy

    Remember the QAR was scuttled. Most of the arms would have been taken off by the crew.
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    Snapped at the wrist!

    Gorilla glue and screws up thru the trigger guard is what I would look at. Did one about a year ago and still running good.
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    Using Rem Power pistons

    Should I cut the bottom cushion off the piston and use a 1/2 inch cusion lubed or just use the power piston as is with a hard card, 1/8 lubed wad and power piston?
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    Weight of powder

    Dont see where this matters all that much. Just figure the charge your particular gun likes and use it. Dont care if doesn't jive with something else. One gun I have I use a drilled deer horn for a measure. Its pours "about" 68 grains. Do I care if it is exactly 68 grains? No, I just know...
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    marking ramrod,,,,,,,,,,

    Mark your ramrod on an EMPTY gun. That way when you drop the rod in, you know the gun is empty if your mark hits the end of barrel. Mark above barrel, gun loaded.