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    Best way to dye a hunters frock???

    I like the color
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    To sign or NOT to sign, that is the question?

    I sign what I make. It may be small and inconspicuous, but it's there. I also put the year because when I'm replicating 18th century ( especially on my powder horns and bags) I don't want them mistaken for the Antique they replicate. Also, we put allot of work into our crafts So.... My opinion...
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    .36 or .45

    I actually kill squirrels every year with my. 50 and have killed plenty with a .45 before I had something smaller. I'm not worried about hitting them in the head or shoulders. Most of the meat is in the back legs anyway. Seems to be those that have never hunted with a .45 stating how they aren't...
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    Draw hunts!

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    .36 or .45

    Well there's only one answer and here it is " You can hunt Deer AND SQUIRREL WITH THE .45 You can only hunt squirrels with the .36 The .45 is the answer, based on the parameters that you've set.
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    54 cal Elk Load

    I have a .58 Hawken with a Sharon Barrel that I use 80gr for Deer. When I started developing a load for Idaho Elk, my best load was 120gr. My pattern opened up from 80-110 and closed from 110-120
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    Pennsylvanian Hunters horn.

    Phenomenal work, sir
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    Half stock #2

    Very good work
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    New Kibler/Brooks rifle.

    Stunningly beautiful
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    How common were the "Squirrel Calibers" before the 1800s?

    I will look it up later but my memory tells me that the smaller calibers came with the disappearance of big game in the Appalachian mountain range between 1820 & ACW
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    SOLD Thompson Center Seneca Stock

    Sold pending funds
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    Fowler or Fusil?

    You need to hold both styles and go from there. I don't like the way that the French guns fit me. Because of that, I won't buy or build one. Without touching them and shouldering each of them you cannot make an educated choice that your going to be happy with. Once you know which style you want...
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    CLOSED WTB, a belt hook, for a flint lock pistol

    $12.50 Muzzleloader Builders Supply
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    WANTED parts for a fowler.

    I'm looking for parts for a fowler. Specs are .62 smoothbore (42=44) inches, Round face flintlock, Virginia style stock or English Fowler, Penn Fowler, Virginia/Colonial Fowler. A Northwest style stock may work . if it is not inlet and the buttplate isn't cut. Also looking for the small parts...
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    Traditions Kentucky 50cal

    They are solid guns. I've built several for sons and friends and have never gotten one that would not shoot. I have several more expensive smoke poles but when hunting 9 or if 10 times I'm hunting with a traditions I converted to Flint. It just shoots where I aim and hits what I want, It's light...