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    Hoping to learn more about this rifle...can you help? ;-)

    Nice looking rifle, with a plain but elegantly shaped stock. I'd like to know more about the practice of using a piece of bone as a cap on the butt.
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    Kibler Flintlock--question about cleaning and spots on barrel

    Looks like the start of naturally developed patina. I would only worry about active rust pits.
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    ?? on sight & cheek height

    Maybe a little of both... You'll likely regret having to snug your cheek on the comb when you touch it off!
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    Flexing a barrel

    I have bent a fowler barrel to get it to pattern to point of aim. I've never done a rifle barrel -- I've never needed to. But if it was a choice between having badly off center or too high sights and bending a barrel, I would bend it.
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    How useful is toeplate?

    They're useful on skinny butts with narrow toes. Butts with more mass, like round toes on fowlers, or wide toes on colonial era rifles don't need the reinforcement and often don't have them.
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    Jaeger Kit for New Builder?

    I finished a jaeger in cherry a few months ago, although not from a kit. The books you mention are excellent, and I also recommend TOTW's full size plan. "Recreating the American Longrifle" has had a place on my bench for 30 years, and I constantly reference it. The plan helped with...
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    Has Anyone Ever Bought From A Place On The Web Called Firearms World For BP.??

    This, Absolutely! But it's reasonable that the person(s) who can put together that quality of website wouldn't have any trouble spamming fake reviews
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    Came across this photo today

    Forgotten Weapons has a video on a similar system.
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    Color matching epoxy/wood filler

    I color epoxy with oil based paint, usually burnt sienna. The problem is that after adding the color, the epoxy is still translucent and doesn't look right. Along with the color, I add some fine sawdust which will make the epoxy opaque and blend in better.
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    Templates of Rifles

    Mark Elliott has a free drawing of an early Virginia rifle on his website The architecture is similar, and it will help you get proportions correct. You can change details as you research York rifles.
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    Brass bead sight picture

    I know for my eyes, I need a flat front sight and a square rear notch with plenty of room on the sides so I can see and center the front sight.
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    Sign The Petition To Save Goex

    Done. Hopefully it will mean something...
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    Raw black English flint

    A dust mask might be a good idea, as well. Silicosis is to be avoided....
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    Inlay recommendations for idiots

    A star is relatively easy to inlet due to the straight lines, but it has to match the curve of the cheekpiece. Practice on doing an inlay on a flat scrap of wood first.
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    My very own .36 Cal !

    Pretty rifle! and .36 is fun to shoot...