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    OK. Stupid Question Time

    I don't know what will happen, but I don't think it would hurt anything. Sounds like a worthwhile experiment. Blast on! Oh, and let us know what happens...
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    SOLD Kibler .54 (by Pathfinder NC)

    That is beautiful. A rifle such as this... well, it will be a treasured possession for one fortunate person.
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    Ten or one

    One excellent!
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    Honored to be here.

    Welcome from East Texas. You are well on your way!
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    Looks like a great forum to get some good conversations.

    Welcome from East Texas. It's all here. Enjoy!
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    Youtube - Gun building videos being removed

    My post disappeared, and I am not going to write another.
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    Youtube - Gun building videos being removed

    that increasingly control our lives
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    Colostomy might cause problems

    Do what's best for you. Anyone who doesn't accept that has more problems than you do. Good shooting, and God bless.
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    No more unmentionables for Pietta 1860

    I doubt that there is a firearm-desiring felon that would go through that much trouble to eventually end up with an illegal (for him) hand gun. According to the dems he could simply grab a piece on any big city street corner, or gun show.
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    Fur or no fur

    No fur...
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    Hello From Texas

    Sounds great. Welcome from East Texas.
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    Hello from central Calif. Modesto

    Welcome, from East Texas. Lots of information here. You will love the Kibler!
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    New from the Sierra Foothills. Wordy.

    Welcome, from East Texas. Enjoy the forum, and good luck in California.
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    Kibler 58 Finished.

    Very nice. Something to be proud of.