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    Leman trade rifle

    Very nice rifle.
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    Underhammer project

    Nice work.
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    CVA Tennon Pin Mod/Upgrade

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will try this with steel tubes and brown them.
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    French Dragoon Pistol Kit

    Looks great!
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    Where do you buy your stock blanks?

    Jon, thanks for the reply and the pics. I see what you mean about the stock.
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    Where do you buy your stock blanks?

    k I was thinking of purchasing one of the IMA kits. What do you think is the reason why it will not make a functional firearm?
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    English Rifle

    Fine job. Looks very good.
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    Gun-maker's Vise

    I have a versa vise on one bench and use it once in a while. I have the patternmakers or gunstock carving vise on my main bench and use it most of the time.
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    A .50 Colonial Rifle ready for the field

    Beautifu! Excellent work.
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    Little more progress today....

    Looks very nice!
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    Finished Kibler Colonial #2.

    Beautiful rifle!
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    Hawken squirrel rifle

    Looks good!
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    Building a pistol kit

    Looks great!