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    range rod

    I always load with the ramrod that’s on my gun. My creedmore range rod I use exclusively for cleaning
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    The "Gun Thief" at Tanner's Station.....

    Really entertaining I like how the thief cached his prize for later retrieval Keep ‘em coming Maniac
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    Old Sturbridge Village Firearms/Militia Exhibit

    Very cool great pics I like how they labeled their smoothbores as Fowling Piece instead of Fowler Thanks for sharing
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    Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading Fowler Kit

    Be prepared for some members to tell you that most tulles had iron not brass furniture and maple isn’t really a PC stock choice except maybe for some colony restock jobs. I’m sure it’ll be a shooter regardless. My TVM fowling piece built from a kit in 2008. Went with the Chambers Virginia...
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    What style of knife is this?

    Looks kinda like a Yakut knife
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    Books on Knives

    Fur Trade Cutlery Sketchbook by James Hanson. Good place to start and less than $10
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    Do I NEED a Fowler or Fusil?

    Just so the OP knows, a Fowler is a person who hunts wildfowl, not the gun that person uses. I’ve tried to be Canadian about people using the term for a smoothbore but it just bugs the grammatical heck outa me.
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    Do I NEED a Fowler or Fusil?

    Since I got my 20 ga fowling piece the rifles are gathering dust
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    Snake Time/ Danger

    I hunt a lot in the French River area near its mouth on Georgian Bay. It’s home to Ontario’s only poisonous snake the Massasauga Rattlesnake. It’s venom isn’t powerful enough to seriously injure an adult sized human and it knows this so bites are very rare unless the snake is being handled. It’s...
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    Leather wads for smoothbore

    Wiser heads Thanks Spence
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    Leather wads for smoothbore

    Same here. I only use leather wads in my gun. Lots of scrap leather around my place. And leather goods can be had from thrift stores for a song. Get a $12 dollar punch and you’re in business. I think it was A Treatise On Shooting where the author tried different wadding but settled on saddle...
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    What would you choose?

    I’d leave my rifles at home and bring my fowling piece for versatility since I don’t own a handgun.
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    It all depends on your lock. A beefy Chambers or good L & R will have quick ignition no matter what grade powder is in the pan. Some of the Spanish and Italian locks have such poor geometry they need to be babied with 4f to be reliable.
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    What's in your powder horn

    Goex 3f, both for the priming and main charge Never tried anything else