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    Skinner, Morphy, and other auction houses

    Yes - my father just liquidated our Beretta automatic pistol collection of 40 years this past spring at Morphy's. What are you looking to find out?
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    "Blunderbuss" pistols - 1790s to 19th century

    Flared muzzles DO NOT increase pattern spread. They were designed to ease loading on the move or in dynamic situations like riding"shotgun" on a moving coach (hence the coach gun), cavalry, shipboard use, etc.
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    Fort Shirley .45

    I believe "R.T." were the builder's initials. As I said, he lived in Shirleysburg (still not exactly a big place) and I think it was his way of giving a nod to the local hisitory. BTW, the barrel on the rifle he built for my father was a Getz...
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    Fort Shirley .45

    Well I can tell you where Fort Shirley is, anyhow: (the aptly named) Shirleysburg, PA. It was George Croghan's trading post, which he fortified after Braddock's defeat. It was the forward operating base from which Lt. Col John Armstrong (my 8th great uncle) launched the Kittanning Raid in Sept...
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    Source for a "pirate pistol"

    FYI, there is a Pedersoli Queen Anne pistol for sale on Track of the Wolf for $249 as of this morning. Not superbly high on the historical accuracy scale perhaps, but the price is right.
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    Correct rifle cover for rev war period

    Ditto what Gus said. I have never seen a period reference to a "gun case." Cow's knee: absolutely.
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    Forming Felt Hats

    Along the same lines, I made this one a few weeks ago with green worsted binding tape for the band and a fox squirrel tail for the 2nd Pennsylvania.
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    Scottish treker fandabi dozi

    And if you include Ulster Scots, aka Scots-Irish, you can include all of Appalachia and points west, too! I am still holding down the Cumberland Valley, near where my ancestors dettled in tbhe 1730s.
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    Tarp colour and finish

    "Spanish red" (which is really more of a reddish brown) cropped up in some period references when I was researching tbe same question several years ago. Not sure about the cement pigment, as I never tried that.
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    "Secret loads"? The known has a price....

    Or, 5. They like hunting critters, shooting practical courses, and taking woods walks more than punching paper in 5 grain increments from a bench and recording the results in a spiral notebook? I know it's hard for some to imagine...
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    "Secret loads"? The known has a price....

    Or, I think more likely, they never really took the time to work up the "optimal" load. I own 7 flinters and I would be hard pressed to tell you the "best" load in any of them. The best I could probably do is tell you what I have chosen to use and how has performed for me and under what conditions.
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    Why a fouling shot when hunting question?

    I have never fired a "fouling shot" either, and have found any accuracy difference between the first and subsequent shots (at least in my rifle) to be negligible. I, too, use a 100 yd. zero.
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    1750s British battalion cartridge box

    Found a source. Pls delete. Thanks!
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    YOUR projects

    Went on a hat making spree last week...
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    Calf foot stock

    As depicted in the 3 images above (1740-1757).