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    What's going on with Dixie Gunworks

    And as far as Dixie,I bought a Sharps rifle from them about two months ago.Took about 10 days to process the order and 4 days shipping. Got a Rifle no one else had,it was on sale,and they shipped it for $16 dollars. Not bad in my book!
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    What's going on with Dixie Gunworks

    I guess some of you guys just don't get it when the Moderator says no political posts,except in those categories that are for those comments.Going on about the America workforce who can't read or tell countries apart,and some of you guys cant even keep on track in a simple thread !! I suppose...
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    Primitive gun cover

    I got a canvas one from TOTW veyry good case and cheap.Al tho if you care a bout the finish of your gun I would not use it. Very abrasive. I slit the case up the seam and added a wool blanket liner,very easy job.
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    Muzzleloading is awesome, every morning 🙄

    I totally agree,I guess you have to pay to discuss the bullshit,but I see the topics listed and its the same "Sky is Falling",My Rights are being taken away,Whoa is me.These Preachers need to take their soapbox somewhere else.
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    Renegade Used Price?

    Now that was a good value! $300 for a new muzzleloader is pretty cheap fun.
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    Renegade Used Price?

    What a man will pay and what they are going for are 2 different things LOL does that make sense? I agree with you on the price for a renegade,and some people are paying crazy prices for TC products. I respect your knowledge on TC's,but i have not seen a Big Boar go for less than $700 bucks in...
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    Kibler Hawken?

    While Jim K. certainly has a Hawken kit in mind for the future, it's gonna be a while. The kits he makes now,he can't build them fast enough, and now he is building his own locks and rifling barrels.Don't know if he has supply issues from Covid but very well could.Anyway a Fowler is coming first...
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    Graf and Sons

    Just got my order yesterday,thought it would be a week or so with things the way things are. Took 3 days,excellent service every time I order from them!
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    value dixie gun works

    Good luck getting one for under $500,especially in todays gun market.If it is in great condition $500 would be a very good bargain.
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    TC New Englander with screw in chokes.

    Trying to work up a Turkey load for my 12ga. Have a extra full extended choke,that none of my wads will go thru. I have the extended tube so I just screw it out to load.Are these tight wads going to cause a restriction when shot thru that choke.A dangerous restriction? Can't help your pattern...
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    .45 T/C Seneca with QLA

    Seneca never had a QLA.They stopped being built before it was invented. Don't think the .45 Hawken ever had it either.
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    HELP!!! Hawken Nosecap Preference

    Well if WB Selb is building it,by all means have him case harden the nosecap.
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    CLOSED Muzzleloader shotgun

    I think it is a Toledo barrel,they used to be made in Italy. Sorry they were made in Spain.
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    CLOSED Muzzleloader shotgun

    I think it is a Toledo barrel,they used to be made in Italy.