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    #32 drill bit

    Been dealing with McMaster-Carr for years. My go-to place!
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    L&R Locks

    My dealings with L & R have not been satisfactory. Quality control appears to be non-existant. I believe that a lock should be properly tuned and functional right out of the box. L & R locks are not. Buyer beware. Be prepared to have the lock tuned by a professioal. Something the buyer needs to...
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    Supplier Quality Problems

    Even with all the complaints and bad press concerning their lack of good craftsmanship and quality control they still refuse to acknowledge and make changes. If it's the company I think it is, I spoke to the owner and all I got was lip service. And . . . they actually fly their banner on this site.
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    Supplier Quality Problems

    I I told the owner the same thing. It seems that physically he was there but mentally he had left the room.
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    Supplier Quality Problems

    I have an idea of who the manufacturer is. I had the same issue(s) as you on both a Bedford and a Manton lock. The manufacturer said; "Send it back". That response seems to be standard operating proceedure for them. From now on I avoid them like the plague. I have purchased a large siler, small...
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    New member from Maryland

    What part of Maryland do you hail from? I live in Hagerstown.
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    Goex 4F out of Stock

    Buffalo Arms has it. No need for the cynicism here.
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    polishing the bore ?

    Turtle Wax Chrome Polish.
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    Lubing Lee REALs-what am I doing wrong?

    Just use LEE liquid Alox. Warm your bullets on a cookie sheet in the oven @150 degrees. At the same time warm the your bottle of alox in a pan of hot water. Give them both about 15 minutes to get warm. Put the warm bullets in a square plastic container w/lid ( e.g. Tupperware, Rubbermaid) . Put...
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    My newest build

    Looks like 13/16" to me
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    EBAY Muzzleloading Overloaded With Junk

    I used to do a lot of shopping on ebay for reloading equipment . . . a lot. Also for dead soft lead for casting roundballs & making my own alloy for my unmentionable bullets. Found a reasonable deal a while back for 20 lbs. @ about $2.00 lb. shipped. I, like others here had to sift through...
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    Dixie PA rifle.....

    I grew up in Tioga. Small town. Wonderful memories. Good deer hunting. Graduated from Williamson High School in 1970. Good to see a former neighbor here on the forum.
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    Dixie PA rifle.....

    Tu Where in Northern PA are you? I grew up in Tioga County.
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    Making and early Peter Berry rifle

    You mentioned that other Queen Anne locks are too large but . . . The Chambers Queen Anne lock at 5" x 27/32" is smaller than the L&R Queen Anne at 5 9/16" x 1 1/16". The lower butt molding running into the brass patch box is annoying. My eyes locked on to it as soon as I saw the picture. If it...