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    Hello from west Georgia

    Welcome to the forum from balmy AZ.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I definitely will. I thought the 2 pounds I bought of Goex would get me three months or so plus hunting, but went through half a pound in two visits to the clay range. The last one I ran out of powder in my little brass reservoir. I want to do a marathon day where I shoot an entire 100 round...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Picked up three pounds of Schuetzen from the local store. That should hold me through 5 or 6 months with the 1 1/2 pounds of Goex I still have. Here in AZ it’s go time for doing outdoor stuff. I’m officially a hoarder by my own standards in the “Hoarding!” thread. I apologize unreservedly...
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    Real linen?

    Linen smells like linen.
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    Where to hunt

    I have hunted in NM and AZ (never bears). Both have good bear populations, but a tree stand would have to be well placed to work and bait is not allowed in either state. Rather than still hunt, if I was going to go for bear in AZ or NM, I would do a modified run and gun (no tree stand or...
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    Teslong bore scope camera?

    Thanks for the review. Might well get one of those.
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    Howdy from NE Texas.

    Welcome Mujiir from balmy AZ. I got in trouble my first post for asking and discussing questions I had in my introduction post. Unfortunately, the guy who would have made the correction has passed on. Your safety question would fit nicely in the general muzzleloading sub-forum. Take care and...
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    WANTED. a nice New Tent.

    I know it’s not always possible, but I like to set up camp in pretty good timber. This allows the tent to be less wind resistant and provides more opportunity for being taller to stand up in, made of more breathable materials to prevent condensation on the inside, and generally warmer nights...
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    Petersen christiana

    Welcome from AZ. There’s a forum subsection called firearm identification. Post some pictures and you should get several responses with information about the firearm.
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    WANTED. a nice New Tent.

    100% agree that Cabelas dropped the ball on this one. Good warning to those reading to set set up their tent in the back yard before you need it in the cold.
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    AZ - PHX SE valley places to shoot/meet up

    I think that if you met a ranger while packing out a bunch of trash, they would likely be ok with your preferred target. It isn’t however one of the approved targets in Tonto National Forest. Not trying to discourage you, just knowing is half the battle. I like aluminum cans for my...
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    Newby with a black powder 12ga double barrel

    Bismuth, though much more expensive than steel shot performs better than steel so I’ve heard. You will need a ramrod for your shotgun. A strong handled range rod was suggested to me when I got my 12ga. side by side and I didn’t listen. My pinky healed up nicely after the broken rod stabbed...
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    Info needed on Pedersoli 12 ga

    My Pedersoli, purchased this year does have a protrusion on the under rib to hold the ramrod in. Curiosly, the Track of the Wolf ramrod fits a little short by about a centimeter in mine.
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    New guy question...loading method.

    Good information, I do think it is interesting to note that used as a shotgun smoothbores have been known to work well with stationary targets like turkey and squirrels.
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    Warm water and dish soap?