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    Engraving Tools

    Heres an antique gravers ball and some misc gravers and pads. Its been quite some time since Ive used it.
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    Need help identifying

    An octogon to round barrel seems out of place. Id also say it was assembled from what was at hand. That’s not saying it lessens its value. If it indeed dates to mid 19th century, I’d think it would be pretty collectible.
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    CLOSED TC thompson center patch box

    Im looking for a yellow brass patch box from a TC Hawken. Possibly others might work.
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    This is the one in NH. Im not sure that its not an entity that simply bought some barrels to their own specs and made to fit TC’s? But thats just a thought, I really don’t know.
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    Picked up another TC Hawken

    Mineral sprits, naptha, lighter fluid, and more. Ive used naptha at around 25% and its worked fine.
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    Picked up another TC Hawken

    If youre looking for a high luster, its pretty difficult to get there by sanding. Its better done with a thinned coat of your tru oil.
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    What does anybody know about Mansfield rifles, or barrels? They seem to be a TC with a different name on them. Do you know any company history, years of production, values etc?
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    Is it too soon for this?

    At a time Longcruise, at a time.
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    Is it too soon for this?

    I had a buddy who did his best to stay in condition. He lifted weights every day. 12 ounces at a time.
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    Heating a barrel red to hot stamp

    What temper? ML barrels wouldn’t be tempered.
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    Thoughts on a hooked breech

    A hooked breech sure makes disassembly easier. But your rifle would require quite a bit of skilled work to pull that off. First, yould likely have to set the tang back farther to be able to line up your ignition. Depending on the curvature of the stock that may not even be possible. Then you...
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    Leman trade rifle

    I like your faux curl. That had to take lots of patience and a good bit of skill.
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    Help identify please

    I know everythings high priced now, but not too long ago, guns with no markings and having issues to repair would bring less than $100. Id take some pictures to another dealer and ask them what they might pay you for it. That’d be food for thought anyways.