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    Need Help Identifying Rifle/Maker

    I would expect it to be 7/16, but you better measure the inside diameter of the ramrod pipes to make sure. I have a .50 caliber Leman Trade Rifle with a 7/16 ramrod and a .54 caliber Leman Trade Rifle with a 3/8 ramrod, so I don't think they had fixed rules. If you don't have a set of calipers...
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    Need Help Identifying Rifle/Maker

    That's what I thought. If you want to learn more about GRRW and their guns, check out my website, GRRW.org Also, check out Doc White's website, Green River Rifle Works
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    Need Help Identifying Rifle/Maker

    giffiga, Zonie is correct. That is a Ron Long lock, though Ron did not assemble it. And you are probably correct on it having a GRRW barrel. The "M" superscript "c" is the makers mark of Bill McKay who worked for Green River Rifle Works part time. McKay was a full time school teacher who...
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    Grrw indian trade rifle

    It's a GRRW rifle. They called that model the Leman Indian Rifle. The half stock model was the Leman Trade Rifle. The standard model Leman Indian Rifle had a 1-1/16" x 30" barrel. You can learn more about them here Leman Indian Rifle. There was a Bill McKay and a Don McKee that stocked...
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    Any thought as to what school this patch box would be from

    Looks like someone might have been inspired by a Lancaster daisy patch box, but decided to make the petals pointed. Some of the other elements are C-scrolls or half C-scrolls on the side plates. Is this an antique rifle or something made in the 20th century? Are those tacks holding the patch...
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    Dark vs Light stock

    Notchy, I think you misquoted Doc White with the statement, "finished with a very dark, almost black varnish." Doc wrote: The black finish we see on antique rifles is not likely the original finish. It is the result of oxidation of the finish and the build-up of dust and grime over the many...
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    Mountain Man rifles

    That was a good book when it was first published in 1957. It was the first and most comprehensive book on guns used in the fur trade. Tens years later (1967) his second book, Firearms, Traps and Tools of the Mountain Men, was published posthumously. Carl P. Russell died on June 19 of that...
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    One Shot

    Notchy makes a good point--or a couple of 'em. The three sources of kits that have been discussed will likely come with distinctly different barrels. I don't know who The Hawken Shop is buying their barrels from, but they describe them as 1-1/8" to 1" tapered barrel with 1:48 twist. Don Stith...
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    Broken tumbler

    Check eBay. People are parting out guns all the time and selling individual parts. You just have to find something that matches the part your looking for. Maybe this one is close. CVA EARLY Colonial Pistol Percussion Style RH TUMBLER | eBay
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    Looking for JJ Henry rifle to purchase

    KPL, to follow up on my first post about the auction houses, here are some recent JJ Henry guns that sold at auction to give you some idea of what's out there and their relative value. This is a typical Kentucky style rifle made after J. Joseph Henry moved from Philadelphia and before his son...
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    Looking for JJ Henry rifle to purchase

    KPL, Here are a number of articles about your ancestors and the guns they made. https://journals.psu.edu/pmhb/article/view/60720 http://www.jacobsburghistory.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Henry-family-genealogy-JHS.pdf...
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    Looking for JJ Henry rifle to purchase

    KPL, Best to check the major auction houses such as Morphy Auction, Cowans, Rock Island, Poulin's Antiques, etc. on a regular basis. Prior to Covid19 they occassionally have a J Henry or JJ Henry gun offered in an auction. Things seem to have slowed down with Covid, but still worth checking...
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    "Wormy" maple

    It is possible to make the worm holes "go away". One of the best solutions is after the stock is fully inlet and shaped to final form, then take small pieces of scrap wood from the same board that matches the grain and curl and inlet them into the the areas where there were worm holes. The...
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    Colorado shooters

    Depends on what you are hunting. You can use a .50 caliber round ball to hunt deer, pronghorn, or bear. Minimum weight for the projectile is 170 grains. You must use a .54 caliber with a round ball that weighs at least 210 grains to hunt elk or moose or a .50 caliber conical with the same...
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    Nw trade gun

    Unfortunately, one page of instructions with a kit is about par for a lot of companies that supply kits. GRRW's kit assembly instructions were just two pages with a full scale drawing of the gun. Sharon Rifle Barrel Co. was probably the best. Their half stock Hawken came with 6 pages of...