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    New Member Missouri

    Welcome from just south of Smithville.
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    Got lucky today

    Congrats! So far ive only annoyed them with my out of practice calling.
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    My love hate relationship with meat cutting.

    I also do my own. Too tight to hire it done when I know how. Our sausage making is also improving. Is there a sausage making recipe thread here?
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    Anybody ship a pound of powder?

    Eric, you could buy the powder from Graf's and have it shipped directly to your friend.
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    A new Powder Horn

    Nice horn.
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    need help id'ing a caplock double shotgun

    That's a beauty. I had the same thoughts about taking a turkey this spring with the shotgun I acquired this winter, but the left hammer spur snapped off Saturday. Good luck with yours. 12 gauge? I found the 80-80 load works great. 80 grains of ffg powder under the same volume number 6 shot.
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    Black Powder

    How did you determine the pipe bombs contained black powder?
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    Help with lock

    I have the same issue. I will probably add some epoxy to fill the gap.
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    Where oh where are the shooting supplies

    That's a pretty broad brush you paint with.
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    Where oh where are the shooting supplies

    Alternative methods hunters killed 10,000 deer in Missouri last year. The vast majority of them are muzzle loader shooters. The average success is between 20% and 30%. So, Missouri has around 40,000 muzzle loader hunters. I don't care if they shoot in line or side lock, that's a lot of...
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    Where oh where are the shooting supplies

    I tried to look up Missouri license sales, but they don't sell "muzzle loader" permits now. You buy a firearms permit and can use it during any of the appropriate seasons. Instead of Muzzle loader season, it is now Alternative Weapons season. You can use Muzzle loaders, arrows, atl-atls...
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    Where oh where are the shooting supplies

    I think you drastically underestimate the number of BP shooters.
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    Dremel bit?

    "Sneak up on it" The best advice for working on gun sights. A dremel doesn't sneak up on anything.
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    Don’t sleep on the .50 PRB, Story and pic.

    Perfect shot placement. Good shooting.
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    Read about General Order No.11.