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    Caps For Sale?

    I've found quite a few entities selling caps online - but every one of them require store pickup. I'm guessing that they don't want to get into hazmat shipping.
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    Cold Steel hawk modification project.

    I reworked this CS Frontier hawk last Fall, ditching the set screw/hole, stripping & re-shaping the head; stripping, shortening & staining the issue handle before decorating it.
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    Bag #7 in the bag

    Very nice ! FWIW, I tried to do fringe, but failed miserably, so I cut it off and edged the flap on this bag with rawhide lacing.
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    How To Antique Brass ?

    IMO, the best way would be to let it age.....
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    Aging brass

    For most brass, if there's a clear lacquer finish atop the brass, it must first be removed - probably NP with kit brass that needs filing/finish-shaped. I've darkened some brass by using a liquid cold blue solution, but the best way is to let it age naturally, like these guys"
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    Presentation pistol case

    ROTFLMAO ! ! To soften the blow, when buying a new firearm also buy some female bling, and tell her the purchase was a package deal.... ;)
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    Help needed with a pistol question

    Your mold most likely throws balls meant for a C&B revolver - which have larger bores than a single-shot rifle/handgun. As indicated above, I would first try to ram the ball on hand home sans patch, then run a lubed wad down atop the seated naked ball. .
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    Went to the fun show today

    I've owned/shot both a Pietta/Remington 1863 .31 Pocket Revolver and a Pietta/Colt 1860 Army, and IMO are the equal of any other replica's, both in accuracy & fit/finish. IMHO, you made a nice score.... IME, the best buys at a gun show are the offerings of the other GS attendee's, who troll...
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    Were all Turner Kirkland Kentucky's this handsome?

    Yep - when I was fifty years younger, I used to drool over the various catalog's offerings that I couldn't afford then.
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    Picked up an underhammer

    I really liked the .36 H&A underhammer rifle I had, and even kept the forend in storage after I removed it from the gun to more closely resemble an 1800's target rifle (although I used it on Squills). I only sold it because I tripped over a .36 T/C Seneca that I liked more...…..
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    Presentation pistol case

    Hard to do, sans a pic or three...…...
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    New to me powder horn

    I really like the color on that horn - nice find ! (Congrats)
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    Galef & Son 45cal

    Because, traditionally, they were carried loaded just like a CCW handgun is (should be) carried today.
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    Ardesa Mountain Rifle

    FWIW, my CVA Premier Grade Mountain rifle has a walnut stock with a little fiddleback figure/graining near the butt plate
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    My Uberti Model 1849 C&B Revolver

    Today I received the unfired .31 Uberti Model 1849 C&B revolver that I bought from the classifieds here (Thanks, griffiga ! ! ) As advertised, it's unfired/as-new - AND, Gary even included 100 RB's ! 😲 I'm gonna make a presentation case for it. :cool: I yam a happy camper ! :ThankYou: