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    .50cal Loading Block

    T Y, all ! I also carry an inline capper, just in case...….. 😊
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    .50cal Loading Block

    I made this loading block so I would have 3 PRB's, three 80gr charges of Holy Black, and 3 percussion caps ready for reloads during hunts with my Mountain Rifle. I seal the powder and the cap chamber(s) with corks (bottle stoppers) until needed
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    The flint that does not fail

    It looks a lot like it's a modification to the business end of a Zippo cigarette lighter
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    Newbie needs 1862 Police info

    OTOH, I've never had a cap jam yet with the Uberti 1849 I bought from a fellow member last Winter, nor with the Uberti 1862 Pocket Police I had a few years before that - maybe it's my shooting method, allowing the gun to rotate upward in my hand during recoil ? ? I find that when it rolls...
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    Requesting Help Identifying Old Musket

    I have no clue who made it, or where, but the "U" touch mark looks like it might have been imported into Germany some time after 1950.
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    Pietta 1851 Navy wedge

    You might have to depress that little (locking?) tab in the end of the wedge while tapping it out.
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    Ready-made patches for sale?

    FWIW, I've been shooting PRB's for over 45 years, and although I own a micrometer, I've yet to measure patch thickness. Pioneers, mountain men, and soldiers of long ago never owned micrometers so, many years ago, I just went to a fabric store and bought a few yards of both blue & red pillow...
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    T/C cherokee range day.

    From the horse's mouth:
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    FOR SALE Uberti 1849 pocket pistol - SOLD

    FWIW, griffiga is great to do business with - anyone can buy from him with confidence. I've been very happy with the Model 1849 I bought from him. :)
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    Southern Style Percussion

    What a wonderful find ! ! "J * C" might be an old-time gunmaker, J. M. Caswell, of Lansingburg, NY - the only "J C" in Ned Robert's partial listing of old time rifle makers ( The Muzzle-loading Cap Lock Rifle). The same listing has two "J D" names, but neither with the middle name/initial of "M".
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    JMO, the availability of the single trigger Hunter models were a downgrade from the double set triggers.
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    Pedersoli Scout .32 cal Kit Help

    Lately, parcel delivery has been slow & spottier than it has in the past - lack of employees, etc, etc
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    TC 56 smoothbore

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    Color matching epoxy/wood filler

    +1 - drill a hole into the buttstock (same wood can be invisible) under the buttplate, grind the sawdust very fine (like sanding dust) & mix it into the epoxy.
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    Knives found in father-in-law's cabin

    Both knives appear to be Westerns The stag handled skinning knife appears to be a Western 539; the wood (or stacked leather) handled knife is their Bowie