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    Pietta 1851 Navy

    Try it on a 20 pound chunk of meat, it wasn’t made to stop a trash barrel!:)
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    TC Haawken trigger adjustment ?

    With the hammer down set the rear trigger, turn the screw in between the triggers in till the trigger fires. Then turn the screw out one turn and try setting the trigger it should hold and be quite light to fire the rifle. Practice with the hammer down firing the triggers as much as you like...
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    Inlay recommendations for idiots

    I find straight lines like the hunter star to be easier then curved lines. First thing on any inlay is to very slightly file the edge to have a one or two degree angle. Then make sure it has the same contour as the surface it will lay on. If you just pin to the surface it will look and feel...
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    GOEX Cartridge Grade?

    Works fine I’ve used just like 2fg and found it to be close to the same.
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    I need a recommendation for professional grade gunsmith screwdrivers

    Brownell‘s and get an extra handle or two so you can have more then one driver while working.
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    What are you putting your money on. Draw

    One 1851, light enough to always be on you and if I can’t hit em in five shots then maybe I need a new profession!
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    Hooked Breech Lyman GP problem

    The keys can be position sensitive, try them in different ways before any modifications or screw loosening. Then mark them in some tiny way to keep them straight.
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    CW cannon completion at 1000 yds.

    Goes to show larger bore is more accurate especially at distance!
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    Obturation happens as the projectile is accelerated from a stopped position. This even happens to a jacketed bullet as was proven by Dr. Mann at the turn of the last century. His book is “The Bullets Flight” covers this and more, good reading for any serious shooter. If a ball is pounded into...
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    HELP, does anyone know anything about set triggers on a CVA 50cal ?

    I was there for only three weeks and our friends that showed us around live in Ca Ca Point (spelling?) . We didn’t get that far north but had a dandy time with hands on tour guide. I did help him repair his 1881 Winchester since he has a lathe and I could make the part. When they visited here...
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    HELP, does anyone know anything about set triggers on a CVA 50cal ?

    I visited the South Island and fully understand how hard getting what we find easily. Like Jake said any common metric screw that fits can be cut to length and do the job.
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    HELP, does anyone know anything about set triggers on a CVA 50cal ?

    The screw is missing but that one adjusts the engagement of the rear trigger to the front. Theres another that positions the rear trigger so it allows the sear to engage the tumbler. IMG_0270 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr Adjusted so it lays down to work correctly. IMG_0271 by Oliver Sudden, on...
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    Repair advice?

    Good work, now that wasn’t so hard once you thought it out.
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    Renegade .50 cal. 21" LRH "Long Range Hunter" carbine barrel

    Long range and carbine are at the opposite ends.