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    SMR kit

    Q: How many lawyer jokes are there? A: Only two; the rest are true stories.:rolleyes:
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    Tennessee Rifle Trigger Guard Question

    Never say never:rolleyes:
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    SMR kit

    Kibler seems the best, but Jim Chambers has nice kits also.
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    Tennessee Rifle Trigger Guard Question

    Screws are correct for MOST iron mounted rifles. There are a very few exceptions, of course. Study before you chose. The devil is in the details.o_O
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    Colt 1851 vs. Pietta

    The Pietta grip has a flared "tail" in order to fit their detachable stock. The Colt and Uberti do not.
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    Pillow ticking ?

    Not as long as the burger places keep using up cows 🐮.....
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    Browned Locks For Sale?

    Brown locks on originals were because of neglect. Do you really want your new rifle to look neglected?:dunno:
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    First shot hits the bull, then-

    ...Follow through ;)
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    Expired patch lube.

    Caster oil comes from the castor bean...
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    Firing the ramrod down range.

    I have read you are not an experienced muzzleloader until... 1. You have loaded with no powder :mad: 2. You have fired a double load 😲 3. You have fired your ramrod down range 😱
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    Newly discovered Early Flintlock Rifle?

    Since the "golden age" of rifle making happened after the war for independence they probably did not use them yet.😑
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    Priming with 3F

    The small pan primers work best with 4F. File an angle on the end of the spout to keep it from clogging with the fouling.
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    Has anybody actually used duracoat on a barrel?

    ...and so it begins 🤪
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    Steaming a stock

    You're taking it out too soon, leave it much longer. Also apply "wet" options and see what happens.
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    Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol Woes

    Stay away from sawdust and epoxy, it will look bad no matter what you use for stain. Always leave a small gap behind the tang to prevent chipping the stock with recoil.