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    Pedersoli White Hawk

    Thank you
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    Pedersoli White Hawk

    Anyone own or shoot a White Hawk? Seems more of a toy but interesting.
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    New guy from Surry VA

    Welcome from Nashville, TN. Isn't Roy Clark from somewhere around your way?
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    Shooting at indoor ranges

    I agree with Grenadier 1758, shooting air guns are a great way to maintain your ML shooting skills. But beware, air guns are as addictive as ML's and come with expensive Big Boy toys!
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    Shooting at indoor ranges

    I live in Middle Tennessee and shoot my ML's at my local indoor range. It's a newer range with an excellent ventilation system. I do generate smoke but it clears rapidly. Most other shooters are more interested in the fact that I shoot ML's than they are bothered with the smoke. Go for it.
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    Mid Tennessee 8 point down...

    Well done SMO from another Mid TN. shooter.
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    What's With Ebony.......

    Ebony is a stout, tight grained wood. It has a high oil content and when polished it retains its oil and resists drying. It is also a protected species in some countries. One could probably buy ten hickory RR's for the cost of one ebony RR. Regarding Persimmon, I purchased a driver with a shaft...
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    You don't ask enough for your work. Nice knife.
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    I have a Tyron and a Kodiak double. Each had a bent hammer when I received them via USPS. I am about to remove them and correct the bends. The boxes were each ruptured at the hammer location. I have no issue with bending the hammers, my question regards alignment with the nipple. Is this a hit...
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    Unusual nipple drum!

    It does resemble a Folbert Parlor rifle. A small charge in the space under the nipple for the powder charge for indoor shooting? Fast reloading and no provision for ramrod not an issue. Great little rifle for drinking games and cigar smoking.
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    Nipple seems too loose

    This Is a GREAT List!!
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    Nipple seems too loose

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    Nipple seems too loose

    Me too!
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    Unusual nipple drum!

    Does the nipple base fill with powder when charged?
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    Nipple seems too loose

    Much of this advice is useful and it wood seem that a loose nipple is not all that uncommon. I am intrigued about the use of teflon tape. I had not thought of such a simple solution to the problem! How many ML shooters have used teflon tape to secure a loose nipple and were any issues encountered?