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    Ron Scott

    Buyers determine the selling price, not the sellers. Whatever it is is worth to you is all that counts. Percy
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    Finished Appalachian Rifle

    That looks like a beautiful rifle. You did a great job, very well done. If she shoots half as good as she looks you will be overjoyed. Percy
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    SOLD Speer 0.535" Round Balls for Sale

    I'll take them. Please advise how to pay. Thanks, Percy
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    The seasons.

    Nice picture, that sure is a big bunny. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the next hunt with pictures. Percy
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    Spring Barley decoying

    Sure looks like a fun afternoon. Thanks for the story and pictures. Percy
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    Got a nice Tom last night.

    Real nice bird. Well done Percy
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    Ole John Pruitt got 'er done!

    Love the picture! Well done Mr. Pruitt.
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    The temptation!

    C'mon Mr. Brit, go buy that 16 gauge. Spend the money and stimulate the economy. Never seen a Brinks truck following a hearse to the cemetery. We are in need some pictures and a good hunting story. Percy
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    I always enjoy your stories, keep them coming. Hope "the gout" goes away soon, it is a very painful condition.
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    Finished Lancaster build

    Great job on both items. You take very nice pictures too. Percy
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    A couple more for the pot

    Really enjoyed your story. Haven't hunted squirrels for several years but I will this coming fall. Should have my Woodsrunner .40 cal SMR made by Joe Schell this summer. Should have have plenty of time to get her ready by squirrel season. Percy
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    Thin Walled Brass Tubing

    Our local ACE hardware store carries a good selection of thin wall brass tubing. Percy
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    Shooting my first flintlock/ lessons learned

    Glad it worked out. For me, experience has always been the best teacher. Percy
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    Every now and then.....

    You are a lucky man Brit. Great dog and game for her to chase. She deserves an extra treat tonight. Percy
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    As long as you're out there...

    Sounds like a great day in the woods to me. Nice rabbit, icing on the cake. Nice looking SMR too. I've been watching all the classifieds for one just like yours but so far no luck. Thanks for sharing the story and the pics. Percy