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  1. Patrick Thomas

    My 2020 Oregon Mule deer

    Congratulations. Very nice buck and a great hunt.
  2. Patrick Thomas

    Another "No" to muzzleloader hunting....

    Sparkitof, I sent you a PM brother.
  3. Patrick Thomas

    Anyone hunt turkeys with a .32 caliber rifle?

    Do it all the time Knock. Set up on a trail leading to feeding areas, whether that is a feeder, field, or red oak covered hillside. The fact that Texas has so much private land is rather a testament to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness“. Please don’t group all ranches in Texas...
  4. Patrick Thomas

    20 vs. 12 gauge for hunting

    Not to be a wet blanket here, but way back in post #26, the OP asked some pretty good questions that somebody with a lot more experience with BP Smoothbores than me (none yet) should answer. While I have learned a ton from this thread, it went pretty far afield
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    2020 Alberta Elk Hunt Journal

    Outstanding sir!! Congratulations
  6. Patrick Thomas

    2020 Alberta Elk Hunt Journal

    There we go!! I was getting worried you had changed your mind. Good looking camp m
  7. Patrick Thomas

    Dont forget your powder.

    “ worryinglysome” Now that is a good word. I’ll be using that
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    Greetings from Buda Texas

    Welcome from Burnet
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    One Shot

    Well now, don’t I feel like an idiot!??!!
  10. Patrick Thomas

    2020 Alberta Elk Hunt Journal

    Well Walk, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m just glad you’re still going to go hunt elk, no matter what you’re gonna use. Perhaps you could post results in the non muzzleloading section. Have fun brother.
  11. Patrick Thomas

    One Shot

    Uhhh...more info is needed. What company? Who is the CEO?
  12. Patrick Thomas

    Triple seven in flintlock

    ...but why? More readily available? Easier to clean? Doesn’t smell as good? Kidding aside, it’s a serious question. I don’t know why traditional muzzleloader aficionados want use a substitute.
  13. Patrick Thomas

    54 cal Elk Load

    Looking forward to the story of your hunt. With lots of pics.