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  1. Packrat

    What mistakes have you noticed in movies/tv shows that happen in the BP era like Daniel Boone, Patriot etc?

    I get upset with Poetic License, Take the movie The Revenant, you already had a good story, (Hugh Glass and the Grizzley)and decided that you could improve on it. In this movie Ashley gets killed, not in real life, he went on to be fairly famous. Than Glass tracks down Fitz and kills him. In...
  2. Packrat

    Guns stolen in transit

    In Massachusetts ? which has some of the most restrictives laws And only 6 days time served. Am I missing something here, is there no Federal law also ?
  3. Packrat

    Krist percussion cylinder for Ruger old army

    So my add was pulled because it had a conversion cylinder in it, don't understand how this article got by
  4. Packrat

    How many years Muzzleloading experience?

    Off and on since 1969
  5. Packrat

    Indian fry bread tacos

    Love Frybread There is a movie called Frybread Face and me, it has a great scene about how to say lesbian in Navajo sign language
  6. Packrat

    Bought a pieta 1858 Remington. Looking for some load data and answers.

    I think sixsprings makes a very nice and strong nipple wrench
  7. Packrat

    Bought a pieta 1858 Remington. Looking for some load data and answers.

    Seems I ignoring more and more articles
  8. Packrat

    Why are Uberti pistol boxes so flimsy?

    Not that it means much to me, I guess non of you ever watch old toy auctions. Amazing the difference in price if you have the original box. I save some and others were trashed, some I wish I had saved the box To each his own
  9. Packrat

    Why are Uberti pistol boxes so flimsy?

    Cimmaron does a fair job But I am amazed at the packaging some companies go to, A snack pack of flavored biscuits and a college degree is required to open. Don't get me started on medical items
  10. Packrat

    Convert percussion to flintlock.

    I bought one of the Blunderbuss kits, I asked a friend, a very good builder, if he could convert it to flint. He said it sounded do able. The only problem we had was the size of the lock to fit where the percussion lock had been. WE finally used a Queen Ann style, it was a smidge short so he...
  11. Packrat

    How I Engrave A Powder Horn

    Well you may not be a Master, but you are definitely way ahead of the rest of the pack Beautiful work,
  12. Packrat

    gun safes and cap and ball stories...

    BP C&B are nice to have, but I will not trust my life or my family to one, 9mm is the minimum, 45 acp is better
  13. Packrat

    Pedersoli vs Traditions or …

    As is the case with any tool, always buy the best you can afford
  14. Packrat

    Revolvers with no loading lever

    If I remember the original Patterson revolvers came with a tool that fit into the wedge slot on the cylinder pin, a special tool was than used to seat the ball
  15. Packrat

    Public Apology

    Thanks to everyone who has replied. I just received this back on Friday the 12th. I haven't had a chance to contact Ruger. As far as shooting I just had shoulder surgery on the 9th. Going to be a while before I really want to do anything with this I would eventually want to bring it back in...