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    Buckhorn 209 in a percussion side lock

    Ask this question on 'modernmuzzleloader.com' What rifle do you have, are planning on using?
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    I would like to identify this sight on my T/C Hawken

    If you don't like the fixed sight you can swap it for the original adjustable style. The screws and threaded holes are already there.
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    This screw won't budge!

    Pull the cylinder and see if the front trigger guard screw hole is all the way thru the bottom of the frame, they usually are. More penetrating oil/solvent, tap both top and bottom of screw, freeze, heat, oil, more soak time, tighten,loosen (carefully) repeat. heat the frame not the screw.
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    Left handed vrs right

    I have the "sinister affliction". I am left handed and left eye dominant. Sinister= left eye, Dexter=right eye. Since you said you are a left hand shooter, I assume you are left eye dominant. I built a lefty kit and would recommend that especially in a flint long gun. If you are going to...
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    Please forgive my ignorance. Patch and/or wad question.

    The sealing of air rifle pellets and minnie (mini,minie,minni) bullets is the same process, Both have to be made of pure lead to be soft enough for the skirt to expand to the depth of the rifling. Both have to have a head/front band/area that rides on the rifling lands without rattling around...
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    FOR SALE 1795 Springfield

    More and sharper pictures, Please.
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    Hopkins & Allen question

    Apparent weak hammer spring/trigger guard problem can be caused by wear of the rear mounting surface and/or screw or loose screw. Be sure the spring is held as far forward as possible and is not rocking on worn surfaces. A shouldered screw or shim in the front of the spring hole could help. A...
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    Same Caliber For Rifle and Fusil?

    A.H. Did load development result with the same ball/patch combination or ball for both rifle and smoothbore? It was and still is a "thing" to have a rifle and pistol combination that used the same cartridge (eg. 44/40 WCF) . And a number of military smoothbore muskets and pistols were intended...
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    Hopkins & Allen question

    Watch the trigger movement as you cock the hammer on a lock with no sear . The trigger will (should) be farther forward just before the trigger nose falls into the half cock and farther rearward just before it falls into the full cock notch. Unless you are superhuman at releasing the trigger...
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    That funny forearm thingy?

    Repair of "duffle cut" War souvenir stock (cut in two) to fit in a duffle bag.
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    How Much Powder Is Too Much

    If you had some magic gun powder that would accelerate a bullet fast enough to make it out of the barrel at the same time NOT producing enough combustion gas (at standard temp and pressure -14.7psi) to fill the volume of the barrel there would be some vacuum created as the bullet slowed down...
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    How Much Powder Is Too Much

    Barrel full of BP: