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    The days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.

    Bill............The raisin prank isn't yhe half of it. The two young hunter trainees , with the raisin /deer poop trick have a Dad. The last day of that Muzzleloader deer season here in Pa. , was very cold. My buddy and I found a totally frozen road killed deer near where we park , to...
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    New Member from Nevada

    Welcome from Pa..
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    New member

    Welcome from Pa..............As for the Big Bore Question , make sure the muzzle crown is not sharp. Just recrowned a brand new one that had such a bad sharp crown , it couldn't be loaded with any type projectile. Recrown fixed it.
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    New to Black Powder

    Welcome from Pa..
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    New member from MA

    Welcome from Pa..
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    .530 round ball compared to a.610 round ball

    .62 with 90 gr. FFG is good out to 150 yds. if you can handle the recoil. I used one of these in a longrifle for about 10 yrs. in the late Pa. flint deer season. It shoots flat enough that the trajectory is very predictable. All the deer I killed , were w/ln 100 yds. except for one.
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    If I wanted a buffalo rifle.....

    I read a book year or so ago , that records the last buffalo known to be killed in south western West Virginia just before 1800 , and on the east side of the Ohio River. The hunter used a flintlock longrifle , shot the beast , then followed it until it died. Caliber of his rifle ???
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    WANTED 1 1/4” leather strapping

    Check Crazy Crow's online catalog.
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    another Midwesterner

    Welcome from Pa..
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    Hello from Montana

    Welcome from Pa..
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    New member from Maryland

    Welcome from Pa..
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    Cow elk with a .50 flinter and rb

    Good adventure with a fine kill.
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    Another thought (to me) for making a patchbox hinge

    I used the last hinge I had last spring. I 've not had a chance to do any m/l rifle work , since April due to a sick wife. Those hinges work fine , just cut out the patcbox lid , and the body of the box , solder the hinge to both parts , and inlet. Lotsa fun. Ya can get psycho and work...
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    Hello from Nevada

    Welcome from Pa..
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    Greetings from Louisiana!

    welcome from Pa..