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    FOR SALE Boresight Kit

    This kit is still available. Great deal.
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    Boiled linseed oil vs raw linseed oil

    Boiled and Raw Linseed oils both have their place in stock finishing. In my experience many people use too much of it at a time. All of the old firearms manufacturers such as Parker Brothers, Hunter Arms (L.C. Smith), Fox, Lefever, etc. all had their own formulas.
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    SOLD .44 caliber Round Balls

    Still have these. $20 shipped.
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    Cleaning revolvers

    In my bachelor days, I used to remove the grips from my stainless Old Army, strip it down and run it through my dishwasher. That ended when I got married, lol.
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    FOR SALE Scrimshawed Priming Horn

    It is very nice work. I can't claim it. I bought it at a shoot many years ago and it has resided on my bookshelf for years.
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    FOR SALE Scrimshawed Priming Horn

    Here is a small scrimshawed priming horn. It is about 30 years old, and has never had powder in it. It has developed a nice cream and butterscotch color. Walnut base and plug. Bordered in vine scrimshaw engraving, and also depicts a Mallard, Canada Goose, Ruffed Grouse, Beaver, and...
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    Sargent York - 1941

    Its interesting to read about service during WWII. Just about everyone not qualified for active combat service were involved in some way. Former Heavyweight Champions Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney were commissioned in the Navy and taught Physical Fitness. Tunney had previously served as a...
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    SOLD Group of Shooting Accessories

    Here is a grouping of accessories for the beginner or seasoned hunter: One (1) unopened box of .50 caliber T/C Maxi-Hunters, 350 grains, 20 count. .50 caliber bullet/ball loading block. Unopened vintage package of CVA Un-lubed Shooting Patches, 50 count. Nipple Wrench. Vintage T/C...