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    Help for old eyes

    I modified a jewelers eye piece so I can move the EyePal out of the way.
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    Graf black powder accuracy

    I tried Grafs and Swiss in my 54. Shooting bench rest at 25 yards I did not see any real difference between the 2 powders.
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    Danger of rapid firing?

    Nice. I don't see many people with a Blunderbuss. Did you build it or ? I built mine from parts from several companies. I have a 75 caliber with a 14 inch barrel. I have never tried to load fast. I have used lead shot and also a 75 caliber round balls.
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    Howdy from Florida

    Welcome from Cocoa Beach. I am a member of Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club. They are located in Palm Bay Florida. We have a dedicated Black Powder range with 25, 50 and 100 yard berms. Starting in October we will have Fun Shoots once a month. You would be welcome to join us for a Fun shoot. I...
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    Using a Patch Knife.

    Not sure how good of a picture this is. The patch material has been lubed and placed over the barrel and the ball driven flush with the barrel. Then I pull up on both sides of the patch material and use my patch knife to cut material flush with the barrel.
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    What are you putting your money on. Draw

    Remington 1858 Army in 44 caliber
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    Pressure difference betwen Swiss and Goex

    Wow. Nice setup! I just got Swiss 2f for my 54 caliber. I have not had time to test it out. What chronograph do you have. Is it not effected by the black powder blast?
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    NMLRA fighting

    I joined last year. I don't regret it one bit. I spent 3 days in Friendship last June for the National matches. Fun place, great people and so many vendors on commercial row.
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    NMLRA fighting

    Wow. Always drama. So sad. I joined NMLRA because I started going to Friendship in June for the big matches.
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    Something completely different...!

    Wow! I need a boat like that.
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    More Nessler Ball shooting......

    Just curious if the Nessler Ball is more accurate than a round ball? I am new to black powder. First time I have heard of Nessler Balls.
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    First Flinter?

    Wow. I have only emailed them twice and both times Katherine responded in a few days. I was hoping to see them at the CLA show but I did not make it to the show.
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    First Flinter?

    I would offer up a thousand dollar plus kit to a newbie. I believe anyone with basic skills can assemble a Kibler kit! I built a Kibler Colonial. I would say the hard part of the Kibler kit was 95% finished. Now I am working on a kit from another company. I would say the new kit is 60% finished...
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    Hello from Florida's Space Coast

    Welcome from Cocoa Beach.
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    Bismuth shot

    I believe Rotometals has the best selections and the products are typically in stock.