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    NW Washington State

    Welcome neighbor,from north/west of the MEDICINE LINE.... You will find a wealth of info here,. fine lookin' flinter..

    Did the unthinkable to my GPR but I love it!

    Fine job !! good to see you are not afraid to get in there and have at it .

    Investarms barrel on a Thompson renegade stock

    yes,the INVESTARMS and LYMAN are 15/16'' (Made in Italy ,while the THOMPSON barrel is American made and is 1''. have a SAFARI Arms.50 calHAWKIN (canadian ) and a Lyman hawkin(Trade rifle).50cal. they are about 1000 serial numbers apart. both. made by that ITALIAN company.....sold my...

    Black Powder Linguistic Pet Peeves

    Try being a Canadian Eh !!!!! and read AMERICAN Eh !!! heck, 1/2 our common words end in re instead of er and we have the letter u in words for no particular reason!!! I have lived in VERMONT,IDAHO ,friends in eastern PENNSYLVANIA along with kin in North Carolina and central...

    Jukar Handgun

    Interesting,in that ,so I thought,ALL black powder barrels from Spain are required to have government proof stamps. all my Italian and spanish firearms are proofed stamped with date codes....LYMAN, CVA pistol and a Safari arms.

    Anyone familiar with this builder?

    Nope, all my b.p.gear is .50cal.....and I only''trade'' face to face....going back almost 40 years,I used to shoot at the BARNETT Range, then up at PACIFIC SHOOTERS Range up by the gate at the SEYMOUR RIVER....been shooting for over 30 years at the PARKSVILLE Club (RESTRICTED firearms)...

    Anyone familiar with this builder?

    So here are the answers...... my friend ,Steve Rupp went to school with a fellow named AARON CLARK. his dad ran ''CLARK'S Store'' in HORSEFLY family owned for 60+years. TED M.SAPP was an American metal worker and made butcher and carving knives for Mr.CLARK. He and mr.CLARK have long since...

    Anyone familiar with this builder?

    Greetings, my friend's brother lives up in a little place near HORSEFLY, he's contacting him and asking for info if there is any.....another fellow on our outdoor site lives up in WILLIAMS LAKE .have asked him to let me know if he knows anything.... hey, trying...

    How to make your precussion touch off every shot with out fail

    and YAP!!!!!! again. I think the O.P slipped across the line from MANITOBA! Most kanadians ,except those in Ontario don't care about grammer or how its done rote,heck most in B.C speak da king's English as a second language anyhow!!! I'm from quebec...oops,English is MY second language...
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    .50 cal vs .54 cal

    Dead and more dead !!! i'll stick with .50 cal.
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    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    looks like I'm not the only one who knows good eats,hidden in plain site at the store !!!!!!!! beats tofu and soy milk,.
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    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    price of spam at local wal-mart is on par with a aaa-alberta steak..... the dollar store variety when cooked while out in the mountains is a fine feast,iffin the trout don't bite. after a bit of a gafuffle with a lumber camp ''chef'', the bull came in to straighten things out. when...
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    Thoughts on SPAM "meat"

    BOLOGNA, 1/2'' thick......fried or in a sandwich, like a HAWKEN GUN ya can't go no better !!!
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    What Skills Do You Have?

    Getting off track slightly,but skills like changing a flat tire, changing brake shoes, oil change, . things we ALL did as younger lads are now left up to the Tow truck drivers/garages..... (Friend of wife called about 2 years ago) flat tire in WAL MART parking lot..... what to do she...
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    Did some finger weaving today

    just when one thinks he's gotten real smart over the years, these fine articles of trade appear and one realizes its still a long road ahead.... excellent work gentlemen.