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    Newb Here

    Go on line Fire up your web browsers search engine and type in muzzleloading clubs in your state. you will probably find one close to you. Most of us are a friendly bunch and would be glad to help out a beginner .
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    Newb Here

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    Flash pan touch hole question

    try opening the touch hole to 5/32 you could even go as high as 7/32 . Touch hole liners are cheep and you can always replace it with another one if that don't work
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    Flint to Cap conversion

    Why not just convert your existing lock? Should not be that big a deal the old timers did it all the time.
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    Question on gluing broken stocks together.

    RE the frozen screws have you tried using a soldering iron to heat the screw heads? just hold the tip on the screw head until it's hot
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    a dram is 27 grains of 3 fff by volume
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    Help Requested on JM Davis Auction

    A lot of people got into black powder shooting in the sixties , Dixie gun works and others sold gun parts and kits to build muzzleloaders . Some builds were awful good and some were just awful, but they went bang and that was counted. This one looks like a 1960 ish build to me
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    Left eye flash guard?

    Why? just learn to lock your eyes on the sights. If the flash is a problem you are not focusing on the sight picture and will never master shooting a flintlock
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    Flintlocks...Do's and Don'ts

    Do check your lock after every shot. is the flint still clamped tightly in the cock? still sharp? is it time move it forward ? Do wipe the fowling off the flint,frizzen and out of the pan. This little drill will go a long way in making you lock reliable .
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    Which "Just One Thing "?

    I agree 100%, with time and effort most cheap locks can be made to kinda work but no matter how much you polish a turd at the end all you have is a shiny piece of crap.
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    32 caliber accessories

    if you are terminally tight like me or just short of cash for balls the best deal is a 5lb. box of double o buckshot any store that carrys reloading supplies should have it. patches? got to your local fabric store and get some 100% cotton pocket drill a yard will last you a long time
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    CVA St. Louis Hawkins Lock Issue

    Try turning your flint over with the bevel up, that will move the flint back
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    Black powder percussion gun questions

    No way would I ever shoot a old load. over the years I have found a couple of old shotguns loaded with smokeless powder just not worth the risk.
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    Question about browning

    all browning solutions will give you a good finish the secret is doing the prep work. make sure the part is completely free of oil including your fingerprints and sanded or draw filed smooth not shiny just smooth . The other big secret is read and follow the darn instructions:)
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    rock smasher with no spark, lock help, opinions

    I would weld up the pivot hole in the foot of the frizzen and the lock move the frizzen forward where it belongs and re drill the whole