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    Traditional Chunk Gun Advice

    I have done well in over the log matches with my Early York County style flintlock longrifle. It has a 48”, 54 cal. swamped barrel with 1-72 twist, deep groove rifling. The butt stock is flat and 2 3/8” wide. It weighs just over 10#. My shooting has been better with my purpose made chunk gun...
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    Another Stupid Human Trick.....

    I’ve never accidentally fired a ramrod, but once, I fired a ramrod with a cleaning jag and patch that got stuck. I was able to get the rod an inch or so back up the barrel, but it stuck there. I dribbled a few grains of 4F through the flash hole, and fired the rod into the air. I never saw it again.
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    turkey IQ

    Turkeys have no curiosity. If a gobbler see a slight movement or a shape that doesn’t belong, they are usually gone. A lot depends on hunting pressure and the age of the gobbler.
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    almost that magical time of year TURKEY SEASON!

    I plan on using my .75 caliber matchlock for my next turkey hunt. Since I am limiting shots to 25 yards, I will use 7 1/2 lead shot. That will put nearly twice as many shot in the pattern. At that range, the 7 1/2 size shot will have enough punch to ventilate a turkey’s head and neck.
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    Turkey Hunting Successes and Pics Please

    Turkey hunting IS HUNTING. The shooting part is an anti-climax. Those ridiculous turkey hunting videos are NOT the real thing in most cases. As far as shooting a turkey at 5 yards....That would be the accomplishment of a lifetime for many hunters. It’s a tremendous accomplishment to get a...
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    What's your Moose Milk mixture

    1-6 ballistol to water for patch lube. Don't need to wipe between shots unless I wait more than a half hour or so between shots. I use enough of this mix on the patch that some of it squeezes out when the ball is started. Accuracy stays the same all day. Have won many matches with this lube. I...
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    Powder granulation importance?

    What many people don't seem to understand about black powder, is that a pound of black powder is still a pound, regardless of the grain size. It’s also all the same stuff no matter is 4F or 1F. When you measure a charge by volume, there IS a difference in the WEIGHT of the charge depending on...
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    I have shot some old, Navy surplus cannon black powder in 10ga., 12ga, and .69 and .75 caliber muskets. The shotguns had 30” barrels. The muskets 46”. This powder is really coarse. It’s at least 1f and maybe coarser. I killed turkeys at 40 yards with both full choked shotguns using 3 dram and 3...
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    Numrich 45 cal Swivel Breech Rifle

    I got one in pieces without the lock, a week ago,but it came with an L&R back action lock. I cut out the old lock inlet and replaced the wood with matching walnut. I had to cut off some of the lock plate to get the hammer in the right place. I also had to file the trigger so the new sear had...
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    Bear oil

    I rendered out 2 quarts of pure, clear bear oil, using a crock pot cooker. I use it for my hunting lube. A little goes a long way. Stays liquid down to freezing temperatures. Turns to grease at lower temps. Works well for any light oil lube job. Makes the best shortening for pies and cookies...
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    Max recommended load for 12g Colerain?

    My turkey flintlock is 12 ga, with a 30” barrel, full choke. I‘ve killed gobblers at 40 yards with #6 shot, 90 grains 2F, and a hundred grain measure of shot. I use 2 - 1/8” hard card wads over powder, and 1 more over shot.
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    Cut off breach and re-thread?

    Plug the vent and pour in a few ounces of light oil and let stand a while. If the oil leaks, the plug should be removed,(counter clockwise from the back) and the threads and fit checked.
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    My best black powder buck to date

    Great MS buck! I like the .45 for deer also.
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    First buck with the rocklock

    Great buck and shot!