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    Warm water and dish soap?

    Thanks. I found it quite by chance. I will be 59 in a couple weeks. I use baby wipes a lot. Most are used in camp since we have to haul our own water usually, and I like being clean. Too, I'm alergic to a lot of perfumes (always thought it was the soaps) all the adult cleaning towels I've tried...
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    Triple 7 and Pyrodex ?

    That may have been the problem. I don't have, nor would I waste my money on a chronograph. The proof is from using the same guns for each powder and using a bench vice to hold the weapon. The proof is a lot more scientific than just how fast a projectile goes. The proof is in the point of...
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    Hunting in California the snti-lead state.o

    Any hardware store has the lead detection kits
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    Warm water and dish soap?

    Water unfrozen for cleaning.... It's what I appreciate in black powder over modern propellents for muzzleloaders or other firearms. When it fires, almost all that's left is charcoal. I normally just use my drinking water. I have used everything from creek water to boiling coffee. It works. Ps...
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    Triple 7 and Pyrodex ?

    Huge Con for me. They do have a shelf life and expire. Old powder starts to degrade and clump. Its not moisture doing it its the degradation of the powder. Unlike black powder thst clumps, there is no cure. Also running extensive tests with all of them in all sorts of weapons and some...
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    Quick outing with smoothbore

    Well done. Thanks for sharing. I wish our hunting season were open. I've got another month. UGH
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    If you were switching powder from Goex, what to....?

    It all depends on what you are shooting. Schutzen and Swiss are top of the line. There are several lower grade coming from China and Mexico that are great for blanks or the occasional hunter (cheap)
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    Then I would move to a state that follows Federal guidelines not some idiot state like CA who allows only 1#, heck, that's only 4 shots in the small cannon.
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    Sadly, 50# is all we are allowed to legally own....It is a trick sometimes juggling quantity to make room for new powder. As for storage, do as the regulations require. I go though twice that on a normal year. I average 3 orders a year and just go pick it up. Cannon and large bore (72cal) eat a...
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    Same here, years ago. I worked my loads with 2f then again with 3f In the smoothbores all, 54, 58, 62, 72, 75......... The 3fffg gives the best accuracy for ball and the best pattern without huge holes with shot. It takes less powder by volume too. There isn't a lit of difference with 2f, but...
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    venison burgers with a twist

    I'm with ya. Yea folks try to cook venison quick n hard like beef. It doesn't work Slow and short cooking is better. To treat it like chicken or a heavy fish steak is best. It should never be well done. I like miracle Whip as a basting like some docwith chicken prior to cooking. I prefer...
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    Large caliber

    Largest rifle I have is a 58, but my favorite rifle is still one of 3 50cal. Smoothbore is another question. My favorite overall and if i could only have 1 gun, it would be it, is a c-fusil 20ga. Parts by Larry Zorns, Jackson, OH. 2nd favorite overall is an old musket 12 ga or another gun in...
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    Leather knee breeches

    18thc. Oh yes, most proper. Lots of paintings, runaway ads and documentation. They were very common. Braintan is most comfortable. German tan, i.e. codfish oil tan or second best but goid. When you make them, don't make as you would cloth. There should be no seam in the inner...
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    Forgot to wash ticking

    Just use a bag designed to wash delegates. Its a mesh bag with zipper. Put patches in and wash. They will Frey, but it's ok.
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    NMLRA fighting

    Except the NMLRA is not having problems and this is just a vicious post and yes should be removed or someone from the board reply to it... I'm just a life member, range officer and cannon certified. I do not have time or inclination to be an officer.