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    Favorite Production Guns

    I prefer the T.C. Cherokee for youth , women , and smaller men. Production guns are basicly "one size fits all" types so each person will have a preference as to which type fits them.Since I have longer arms and learned to shoot when I was younger I find no production rifle really "fits" me.
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    Roundball and bullet lube

    I like a mixture of salt free lard 80% beeswax 20%. For warm weather. Below freezing I like pure lard.
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    Immoveable Traditions sights

    Many builders "taper" the dove tail. Try hitting from the opposite side to loosen the sight.
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    Is Swiss powder "the best" for general BP shooting

    Graffs and Goex are both American made (In the same plant). Serious bench shooters tend to prefer Swiss ,but for most of us Graffs and Goex work fine and cost less than Swiss.I myself have never shot Swiss and have shot almost all other brands of true black and have found all of them good...
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    Common loads for 20 ga?

    For a light 20 gauge load I use 7/8 ounce shot, 55 grain FF and leather wads. The same as I use for a heavy 28 gauge load.
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    Graf black powder accuracy

    The powder is as good as Goex. Most bench shooters use Swiss or Goex's premium Old Enysford believing they are more consistant. But I know the Graff's powder is more consistant than I am.
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    Target Rifle By Ferry

    Most people use a ball .005 to .010 less than the land diameter . And patches around .010 to .015 thick. Finding balls or molds of uncommon sizes will be a problem, having a mold made will probably be your solution. Tanner makes molds to specified sizes reasonable.
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    John V Speak?

    No I haven't. There were many local builders back in the sixties and seventies who never got national recognition due to the lack of internet. In our area Tipton and Garman were well known as was Peter Reinhart maker of origonals. Just because John was not known nationally doesn't mean his work...
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    Leather wads for smoothbore

    I have used leather wads for over forty years. I make mine out of leather scraps from a harness shop. I use anything from 1/8 to 3/16th. The cuffs of old welding gloves work nicely. For the softer leather I use them as is, for the harder leather I soak them in a 50/50 mix of alcohol and olive...
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    Supplier Quality Problems

    The old saying: "they don't make them like they used to!" is as true today as when it was first said.
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    Plugging muzzle for browning

    I use beeswax coated wooden plugs. The beeswax easily coats the wood and helps with the seal.
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    I put forty five caliber barrels on both of my boys' fifty caliber kits. It can be done, if you are able to machine the breech plugs and fit the under lugs. I am a retired tool and die maker so the machining was no problem for me. It was simply wanting all of the rifles to be the same caliber...
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    Beer Can Busters of the World Unite

    While I don't shoot beer cans . I often played "cut the can" with the grandkids. We each tie a pop can from a string step back about fifteen yards and shoot the cans with the daisy red riders until one of us cuts the can into two pieces.
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    Wedge Pins falling out on a GPR - Using an Arbor Press to tighten

    I used two pieces of wood a dull chisel and a small hammer to bend mine. It doesn't take a lot of bend to do the job. An arbor press would give you more precise control. As the old Brylcream commerical said: "A little dab will do you!"
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    What's in your powder horn

    FFF kik in my rifle's horn. FF goex in the smoothbore's horn . FFFF goex in the priming horn.