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    side plate

    Well done! We will want to see the finished gun, too, in due time. You do good work! Notchy Bob
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    W.S Chilcote Ohio Rifle

    That's a very nice rifle, in really good condition! It is similar in many respects to the "trade rifles" that were distributed to native tribesmen in North America during the percussion era, although it might have just as easily been carried by a white hunter in the Ohio country, near where it...
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    Yes or No on tacks

    Wow, six pages! I think it was the daisy heads that put me off from the original idea. That, and the fact that tack work can be easily taken too far. I appreciated coloradoclyde's post. Half a century ago, I had a cheap, imported percussion fowling piece, imported from Spain by Dixie Gun...
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    Bear pistol

    That's what I was thinking, too, although I have (rarely) seen images of larger pistols with slings. Some of the Boller pistols carried by Dixie Gun Works are examples. I don't necessarily think that is the case with the pistol shown by 1sogdusm, but it may be a possibility. I'm perplexed by...
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    Bear pistol

    I am dumbfounded! I've never seen anything quite like that before. Thank you for the additional photos! Notchy Bob
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    Bear pistol

    Now, that's an interesting pistol! Thanks for showing it! I'm intrigued by that knob on the underside of the fore stock... It must be a "palm rest," for lack of a better term, to allow two-handed shooting. More details, measurements, more photos, and any history you can provide on this piece...
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    Another rifle on the blog.

    Thank you for taking the time to post that detailed response! It is much appreciated! We don't own a television. My wife and I sometimes find videos to watch on the computer, but I'm really out of the loop as far as current programming. I looked up Wild Boar Fever and found they do have some...
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    Another rifle on the blog.

    @EC121 , are you Brice? You have a great blog, with some really nice rifles shown. I like everything about the Squire Boone rifle. Nicely executed "folk art" on a very functional gun. The incised carving based on Squire Boone's artwork is a nice touch. What is the drop and length of pull on...
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    Yes or No on tacks

    Good advice, Art. Well considered, and nicely stated. Notchy Bob
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    Yes or No on tacks

    I would say no, especially to the daisy heads. I've actually researched native tack work, and had an article about it published in Muzzle Blasts in 1981. It can give some guns a lot of character, but is easily overdone. The tack work can also be difficult to reverse, if you decide you don't...
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    Ardesa Mountain Rifle

    Good score, brother! I know about Ardesa, but have never heard of that particular model of rifle. It is a nice looking rifle. That trigger guard is nicely sculpted, and not overbuilt, as on some of the modern rifles. I like the clean look, without the cap-box. I find it interesting that the...
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    Something for You Green River Forge Fans!

    Walt, Thanks for posting! You do have some nice guns. The photos of your Hazen Lancaster rifle show a beautiful piece. However, it would be great if you could pick out a few of your favorite photos from the collection, ones that illustrate the topic of Green River Forge guns, and post them...
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    Our Ancestors

    If you look at a map of Civil War battlefields, you'll see that the majority of them are in the south. I think a lot of southern boys, who really had no other stake in the conflict, joined because the war was coming to them. In my south Alabama family, there was a man who was related by...
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    L & R out of business?

    I am glad to hear the rumor is false, and that the L&R website and phones are up and running. I browsed through their website this morning. The R.E. Davis / Log Cabin relationship is old news, and the change of hands was pretty well documented in the blackpowder media. I don't know what was...
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    Inexpensive throwing hawk recommendations?

    Hard to say. I have seen it written (although I don't remember where) that an axe handle inserts into eye of the head from the bottom, while a tomahawk handle drops into the eye from the top. I don't think this is universally true, though. In his book, American Indian Tomahawks, author Harold...