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    .36 Caliber Conical Bullets

    A shame there's so few .37 bullet molds. Revolvers made to shoot .36 molds would be welcome.
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    who all uses peeps on their percussion guns.

    Yeah, peeps came before gun powder. If frontier people had lived longer they'd have been demanding peeps.
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    Seeing as the divorce had been brewing for decades it should cause people to question why the provocations were not stopped. But if you should ever go looking, beware finding the answer.
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    1851 powder suggestions?

    Sine Timore, Over the years I ran upon reoccurring rust. Clean really good and then days later, 😝rust color. Maddening. And I think maybe that over the years living in various parts of the country it was water chemistry. Just throwing that out there as something to think about when you know you...
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    WANTED WTB/WTF: Lyman Great Plains .50 cal. left hand flintlock, lyman product number # 6031137

    If it ends up that you could use it I have an unfired left hand GPR flinter barrel.
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    The War Between The States Discussions

    Yeah, that's when your still blows up.
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    Uberti Walker grips

    Horn would look purty fine on a Walker!
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    Whenever President Grant comes up I always think of what Sherman said about him.
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    Red residue at muzzle after shooting

    Yep, noticed when started shooting my first muzzleloader, a "Kentucky" rifle purchased at a drug store. Back then some people automatically patted themselves on the back and said it showed they were "getting a good burn". When black powder is consumed it liquefies in the process and then burns...
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    The only times I've had #11's not fit have been when the hammer had substantial strikes on the face of the nipples and it flared the ends. Well, I'm gonna say but... When I had a percussion revolver that had previously been used as a stage prop, it had seen a whole bunch of dry firing and had...
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    Spit patching while wearing a mask

    Black powder smoke probably kills the bat bug any way.
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    Over powder wad

    Felt, soft pressed paper egg carton and hard like with orange juice cartons. Different stuff for different pieces.
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    Small Game Handgun Hunting

    Got my front yard targets printed out.
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    Lyman GPR Barrel Replacement

    Recently picked up a used left hand percussion GPH barrel here on the forum for a OK price. They're around if you're not in a hurry.
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    Is a 40 round ball sufficient for deer hunting?

    We've had one show up around the yard but haven't taken a shot at it.