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    FOR SALE New CVA 44 cap&ball

    pm was sent
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    SOLD Navy Arms 1863 Springfield

    + 1 on that! :thumb:
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    What would you choose?

    A lot of good answers!
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    What would you choose?

    Here's the scenario..... You are living in the either the Mountains or The Deep woods... You can have only 1 BP handgun, and only 1 BP long gun....that you currently own! You have plenty of powder, percussion caps or flints, projectiles, and wads/patches. Let's hear your choices.. Me: My...
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    SOLD Armi San Marco Colt Walker

    Nice Walker!
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    Cleaning revolvers

    Lord of the Rings....extended versions!
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    Cleaning revolvers

    I think I wanna try that...:thumb:
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    Rifled pistols ?

    BUT, his pistol was something he had from his early military days...unless he bought a more modern pistol to keep in his trunk of souvenirs....
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    .45 caliber RB enough for deer?

    Even with a .54cal with 100grns. FF, I won't shoot unless I know it will be a clean and effective shot. Even with "unmentionables" I won't shoot unless I'm sure it's a good shot.
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    .45 caliber RB enough for deer?

    Ok guys, please stop's ruined the thread!! I asked once, now I'm asking again........Please close thread!!
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    .45 caliber RB enough for deer?

    Please close thread....
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    .45 caliber RB enough for deer?

    At what range? With a certain scoped 1/2" diameter bore unmentionable I have, off the bench, I can hit a pie plate size target all day out to 800 yds*...1200 yds* in really good conditions. With my .45cal. T/C Hawken, off the bench & factory sights, 100 yds. reliably ...offhand maybe 8/10. I'm...
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    Has anyone tried Nylon or Rubber round ball?

    No, but I've shot patched stainless steel ball bearings once out of .56cal. smoothbore just for fun.....